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Horary astrology is an ancient branch of astrology that answers questions by using the time of birth of a question, rather than the birth of a person. A horary reading using traditional astrology provides a very precise, focused and accurate answer to a wide variety of questions.

Topics for Horary Questions
How to Ask a Horary Question or Get a Horary Reading
Why Do You Use the Time & Location of the Astrologer for a Horary?
What Does It Mean If a Chart is not Radical?
How Can I Order a Horary Question or Horary Reading?
What Does a Horary Reading Consist Of?
How Does Horary Astrology Work?

"Over the past few years I have asked 5 horary questions. I just wanted to say you have great skill with horary astrology as each of the 5 results were very accurate. 3 out of the 5 questions were particularly mind blowing in that you were able to capture the accuracy of a recent situation."
Michael Barry 11-1-06
For numerous examples of actual horary analyses, made in writing, in advance, for actual clients, along with the corresponding horary chart and results see the example links to left.
Here are the famous English horary astrologer William Lilly's rules for Detecting Curses and for horary questions concerning Lawsuits as well as Marriage and Prosperity & Money.
You can obtain both the first edition and rare second edition of Lilly's magnum opus, Christian Astrology, the key text for traditional horary astrology on my Renaissance Astrology CD Library Volume I.
Note that I also offer a complete Horary Astrology Course as well as Warnock's Horary Case Book with over 40 actual horary questions, the actual prediction as made in advance and results.

Topics for Horary Questions


Almost any serious question can be answered in a horary astrology reading. Here is a partial selection,

"Thank you so much for the comprehensive reading of the horary chart! Your precise interpretation and extraordinary insight into the planetary placements is remarkable. You have confirmed my opinion, which I was afraid to accept, with much more concise explanations and additonal information. You have once again proved what a fantastically accurate and amazing astrologer you are."
Dorothy M 10-4-10
Will I be Rich or Poor?
Are the News or Rumors True or False?
Where is the Item that is Hidden or Mislaid?
Is it Good to Move or Better to Stay?
Will I buy the house?
When will our house sell?
Should I Stay or Should I Move?
Will I Have Children? Am I Pregnant?
What is the Cause and Outcome of My Illness?
Will I Get the Job?
When Will I Find My Soul Mate?
When Will I Get Married? Where is this Relationship Going?
Should I End This Relationship?
Will I Get Into College or Grad School?
Will I Pass the Test/Exam or Get a Good Grade?
Will He Marry Me?
Is He a Good Person To Go Into Business With?
Should I Stay or Move?
Will I Get Paid?
Am I Cursed? (A surprisingly popular question.)

How to Ask a Horary Question or Get a Horary Reading


Getting a Horary Reading Video
To ask a horary question you first need to order a horary reading. Note that you get a discount if you order three readings at once.
Then formulate your question as a sentence. For example, "Will I marry X?" In order to get precise results you need to ask a question that can be answered yes or no, though you will get a great deal more detailed information in the analysis. Ask what you most want to know. You can ask subsidiary questions that relate to the main topic, for example: "Will I marry Y and when?" but it is best not to ask two or more unrelated questions at one time. "Will I marry Z and will I get the job at A corp?" need to be asked as two separate questions at two separate times. Here is a helpful video on Getting a Horary Reading.
If you want to ask two or more questions, ask the most important and pressing one first and then wait at least a few days or a week before asking each following question.
"Thanks for the insight that you gave me with the horary reading, it was of great help, keep up the good work. I'll be sure to come to you for another horary analysis in the near future."
Jesse G 8-31-10
Sometimes clients will worry if they asked the question at the right time. The best time to ask a question is when you are most worried about it and strongly wish to know the answer. Some clients will try to use astrology to pick the time of the question. Do not do this as it will affect the accuracy of the question. Do your best to totally ignore the state of the Heavens, if you are aware of them!
Clients also ask me if they will get a different answer if they ask the same question more than once. If the situation has changed then the answer will change. However, more often when the same question is asked again, we get the same answer. You are welcome to ask the same question more than once, but I need to know if you have asked the same or a related question previously to another astrologer, particularly another traditional horary astrologer. If so, I need to know their name, the question, their analysis and the time, date and place of the chart analyzed.
"Thanks! That [horary] report really gave me the answer I needed."
Ryan Rocheleau 2-15-08
I provide a written analysis for all horary questions, explaining the astrological factors used and the likely outcome of the situation. The written analysis will be sent to you by e-mail and I available to discuss the likely outcome of the situation by phone or e-mail after you receive it. Discussion or answering follow up questions, either by phone or e-mail, are limited to 30 minutes. Discussion or follow up questions are also limited to the likely outcome of the situation, not the astrological factors considered. I provide the astrological factors considered in order to be transparent in how I arrived at my final analysis of the likely outcome of the situation, however, I will not provide any further explanation or justification of my methodology or use of astrological factors as this can lead to confusion and arguments and a full and complete explanation requires extensive training in traditional astrology.
Turnaround time for an analysis varies depending on my schedule, but you can contact me to find out my current workload. An emergency analysis providing a same day reading usually within 1-2 hours is twice the usual rate. Please contact me to ensure that I am available for an emergency analysis. Please examine the example readings whose links appear above to left and on each specific question page so you are aware of what the readings consist of.
To ask a horary question after you order a horary reading please Contact me by phone or e-mail. Full payment must be received before I provide an analysis. Here is a helpful video on Getting a Horary Reading.
I may need additional information from you before answering your question and will contact you if necessary.
Please note that Renaissance Astrology provides just astrology readings not medical, legal or other professionally licensed services and no doctor-patient, attorney-client or other professionally regulated relationship is created by these readings.

Why Do You Use the Time & Location of the Astrologer for a Horary?


Many clients are confused when I use my time, date and location ("the received time") for the chart of a horary question, rather than using the time, date and place that they asked the question ("the asked time"). Horary uses the birth of a question, rather than the birth of a person, so the issue of when a question is born is key. You have no doubt been thinking about your question for some time, so it would be hard to really pin down when you first thought of it. Our traditional sources and my experience bear out that the question is really born when you ask it of the astrologer and thus when the astrologer receives and understands the question. It is possible to use the asked time and location, but these horary readings are much more subjective and less accurate than using the time and location the astrologer receives the question.
This confuses a lot of people and you can be sure that I would definitely use the asked time and place rather than endlessly having to explain why I use my time and location except for the fact that my time and location invariably gives a more accurate answer!

What Does it Mean If a Chart is Not Radical?


The question of whether or not a horary is radical is one of the more confusing aspects of traditional horary practice for clients. Clients often ask me "what does it mean if a horary is not radical?" and it is not easy to even explain what radicality is, let alone its significance.
First, let's explain what radicality is and in fact, this will illuminate some important issues about horary astrology. Horary astrology is itself somewhat confusing to many people because rather than looking at a person's birth chart, in horary we look at the birth of a question. By looking at the chart of a question, we can determine the answer. This works because everything in the Cosmos is connected through chains of spiritual sympathy and correspondence. The connection of the cycles of the Heavens to the time of your birth allows for prediction of your entire life, while their connection of the time of a question, allows the astrologer to accurately and precisely answer a horary question.
While there are issues with timing a person's birth (where's my birth certificate, did my mother remember the time accurately, is the birth certificate accurate?) timing a horary is more complex. Because of the ease of asking questions, as horary astrologers we try to make sure we have charts that are likely to accurate reflect the situation we are trying to predict. An accurate chart, in other words, is a radical chart, in the most general sense of the word.
The word radical nowadays is treated as meaning "extreme" as in radical left. Radical comes from the Latin radix or root. So in the original meaning a radical change would be one that went to the root of a problem. A radical chart, in the general sense, is therefore a chart that is rooted in the actual situation, that accurately reflects that situation. However, when we consider radicality in the general sense, that is, as accuracy, we have a problem. The only way to know if a chart is accurate is to know the outcome of the question and if we know that, then we don't need a chart.
This is where technical radicality comes in. This is a more restricted sense of radicality and is what we are generally talking about as horary astrologers when we speak of a radical chart. Technical radicality is a term that I use because I find it useful, it is not in common use among astrologers. To determine technical radicality, we look at certain indicators in a chart. If these indicators are present, they are an indication, but not an absolute guarantee that the chart is accurate. Technical radicality is like an internal calibration. So what is technical radicality? The famous English horary astrologer William Lilly, in his 1647 magnum opus Christian Astrology says, "The question then shall be taken for radical, or fit to be judged, when the lord of the hour at the time of proposing the question, and erecting the figure, and the lord of the ascendant or first house, are of one triplicity, or be one, or of the same nature." CA, page 121.
So we do a comparison between the planetary hour ruler and the lord of the Ascendant, ie the planet ruling rising sign. We find the planet that rules the hour and apply three tests to it:

1. Does the planetary hour ruler rule sign on the Ascendant?
2. Does the planetary hour ruler rule the triplicity that the sign on the Ascendant belongs to?
3. Is the planetary hour ruler of the same elemental nature as the planet that rules the Ascendant?
If it passes any one of these three tests, the chart is technically radical. The first rule is fairly easy, for example, if Mars rules the planetary hour and Aries rises, the chart is technically radical since Mars rules Aries. For triplicity my method is to (1) use the Dorothean triplicity rulerships and look to the planetary hour ruler and see if it rules the triplicity of the sign on the Ascendant. (2) I also don't worry if the planetary hour ruler is the day, night or mixed ruler as any of the three will do for radicality purposes. So using my method if Sagittarius rises and it is the planetary hour of Saturn, then the chart is technically radical since Saturn is the mixed ruler of fire. Other traditional astrologers may use different triplicity rulerships and may require the day triplicity ruler by day or night triplicity ruler by night. They are not "wrong" just using different variations.
Finally, if none of these tests apply, then we look to see if the planetary hour ruler and the planet that rules the sign on the Ascendant have the same elemental nature. For example, if Leo rises, the Sun is the ruler of the Ascendant. The Sun is hot and dry. Mars is also hot and dry, so if he rules the hour when Leo rises the chart is technically radical. Note that we compare the planetary hour ruler and the Ascendant ruler, not the planetary hour ruler and the elemental nature of the rising sign.
Let's give an example of each. If Aries rises and it is the planetary hour of Mars, the chart is technically radical because Mars rules Aries. If Cancer rises, and it is the planetary hour of Mars, then the chart is technically radical because Mars rules water signs by night. If Leo rises and it is Mars hour, then because the Sun, the ruler of Leo is hot and dry and Mars is hot and dry, then the chart is technically radical. Ok, so what does it mean if a chart is radical or if it is not radical? Generally when this is asked the question refers to technical radicality, whether the chart has the internal indications of accuracy noted by Lilly. It sounds like from Lilly that if a chart is technically radical that it is "fit to be judged" Logically it would follow that a non-radical chart should not be judged. I have not found this to be true. I have found many non-technically radical horary charts give perfectly accurate answers.
In fact, I am supported in this by a traditional source. Nicholas Culpepper in his 1656 Opus Astrologicum at horary aphorism 21, gives the same tests for radicality as Lilly and even uses the "fit to be judged" language. However, in a side comment he says, "I have found many Questions true wherein this hath not been so." In other words Culpepper says in his experience a chart does not need technical radicality to be accurate. So, in my experience, backed up by an impeccable traditional source, you can judge a non-technically radical chart and still get an accurate answer. Technical radicality, in my view, is a bonus and nice to have, but it is not required. Not being radical, does not stop a horary chart from being judged.
So when I do a horary the first thing I note is whether or not the chart is technically radical, though I refer to this simply as being "radical" If the chart is not radical, I note it and say, "nevertheless we can still get an accurate answer from the chart." This is, unfortunately and understandably, confusing clients, which is why I decided to write a complete explanation! Given that radicality is confusing, should horary astrologers continue to note it? I think so. It is a nice bonus to have a radical chart and it was a feature that our illustrious predecessors themselves noted.

How Can I Order a Horary Reading or Question?


A written horary reading is $60. An emergency same day horary is $120. You can order three horary readings at once at a discounted rate of $165. For information on ordering a horary reading or getting a horary question answered including payment options please follow the Order Link. Please Contact me for further order information. Full payment must be received before I provide an analysis.

What Does A Horary Reading Consist Of?


I put my predictions in writing and unlike other astrologers you don't have to take notes or make a tape, it's all there in black and white! My horary readings are written analyses answering your question, along with all relevant astrological information, including an astrological chart of your question, if desired. Each question receives my personal attention as Renaissance astrology is too complex to be produced by a computer program.
I am also available for further discussion of the practical implications of your question via e-mail and phone after you receive your written analysis.

How Does Horary Astrology Work?


Renaissance philosophers and sages explained astrology through a number of principles all based on the harmony and sympathy of the Cosmos.

First, "As Above, So Below", in other words the cycles of the heavens reflect the cycles taking place here on Earth.
Second, the beginning of anything shows how it will grow, develop and end. Acorns don't grow into anything other than oaks. This explains how our birth horoscopes can foretell our character and the events of our lives. By examining the position, state and interactions of the planets at the exact time, date and place of our birth we see the seed elements which will develop in our lives.
A horary chart is an accurate chart of the position, state and interactions of the planets at the birth, not of a person or thing, but of a question.
The order and sympathy of the Cosmos is so perfect that the Mind and Will of the querent asking a serious question and the alignment of the planets coincide, allowing the question to be judged from a horary chart.
Further information can be found at Astrology and the Neoplatonic/Hermetic Worldview.



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