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For a question as important as "Is he my Soulmate?" you need the amazing precision and accuracy of traditional horary astrology, perfect for in depth analysis of relationships, love, marriage and finding a soulmate.
Horary astrology works, not by looking at birth charts, but by reading a chart for the placement of the planets and stars at the time of a question.
A serious question, like "Is he my Soul mate?" works the best! Horary astrology gives detailed, precise information and if the answer is yes, can often even provide timing.

Horary Questions of Love & Marriage
How to Ask "Is He My SoulMate?"
How Do I Order the Horary Question "Is He My Soul Mate?"
What Does A Horary Reading Consist Of?

Horary Questions of Love & Marriage


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A surprising feature of horary astrology is that all you need is the time of a serious question, no birth charts are required! This is very useful when you don't know the time, date or place of birth of the person you are asking about. Because of the incredible unity of the Cosmos, the timing of the question, gives a very precise and accurate answer as read by the astrologer from the position of the stars and planets.
The astrologers first looks to the significators of the people involved, which are the planets ruling the appropriate houses. These planets signify you and your soul mate. By examining the significators and their weakness or strength, their location in the chart and their aspects we can predict the events that will take place. When the significator planets appear weak and are separating, so are they people they signify. On the other hand when the significator planets are strong and their aspect is applying, we know that the relationship will be a positive one.
Having a horary reading is like understanding the both the direction and strength of a current. You can fight the current and try hard to paddle upstream, or you can let the river just take you or you can actively go in the direction of the current.
You can see examples of real relationship questions, my analyses, astrological charts of the questions and the results at Where is this Relationship Going? and an actual example for the question: Should I End this Relationship?

How to Ask "Is He My Soul Mate?"


To ask "Is He My Soul Mate?" first order on the Payment Page then Contact me by phone or e-mail. Full payment must be received before I provide a reading. I do not do free or reduced rate horary questions. No exceptions! For an e-mail question while I will use the time that I receive and understand the question, so in addition as a back-up it is useful to know:
  • The exact time (giving local time zone if known) date and location (city, county, nearest town) in which you wrote the question and,
  • Keep in mind that a negative answer is possible!

How Do I Order the Horary Question "Is He My Soul Mate?"


For information on ordering a horary reading including payment options and cost please follow the Order Link. Please Contact me for further order information. Full payment must be received before I provide an analysis. I do not do free or reduced rate horary questions. No exceptions!

What Does A Horary Reading Consist Of?


As soon as your payment is received I will begin working on a detailed written reading which will answer your question at length. I also provide all necessary astrological information used in reading the chart. My turnaround time is about 24-48 hours, though emergency readings can sometimes be done at a cost of $110. Please Contact me to see if an emergency horary is possible.
Each question receives my personal attention as Renaissance astrology is too complex to be produced by a computer program. I am also available for further discussion of your question via e-mail or phone after you receive your written analysis.


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