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Modern astrology is that form of astrology that has developed in the past century after a 200 hiatus following the Enlightenment. It is predominately psychological in orientation and quite useful for counseling and self discovery.
Vedic astrology is the traditional astrology of India. Like traditional Western astrology it is capable of precise prediction in natal, horary, electional and mundane astrology. It also has a very developed system of astrological remedies using talismans, mantras, yantras, etc.

  • Sorcery services for your needs in Divination, Love, Sex, Money, Justice; allow my magic to help your life"

  • Articles and basic tutorials on subject of archetypal astrology.

  • Astrology: Spotting Counterfeit Readers--or, How to Shop for A Real Astrologer

  • The Everything Astrology Guide is a very large listing of astrology resources.

    The Everything Astrology Guide.

  • All of the basics of astrology and numerology explained for the beginner and novice student.

  • Hindu Vedic Astrology - Sri Lanka Jyotisha - Presenting the knowledge of the past, in a manner applicable to present

  • Astrology Alive! with Barbara Schermer - everything from original weekly horoscopes to features for fans and professionals.

  • To encourage the understanding and integration of the Shadow based on Carl G. Jung’s theories, Rebeca Eigen, uses astrology (the 7th House, i.e. marriage, partnerships and open enemies), psychology and anecdotes to illustrate how we create patterns in our relationships.

    Shadow Dance

  • Astrology at the Movies by Jeffrey Kishner features essays illuminating how the work of directors correlates with their natal aspects and transits, as well as many links to astrological analyses of actors, actresses, directors and movies elsewhere on the internet.

  • AstroStar offers unique horoscopes (love, feng shui, aromatherapy, etc), twin souls message board, New Age music, discount books, conferences, oracles, and more.


  • Astrobuero Bergbauer traditional astrological consulatations (horary, natal, electional" available both in German and English)

    Astrobuero Bergbauer

  • Yanaar Lee on the Sacred Science of Astrology.

  • Astrology Shop on-Line - home to a unique range of personal horoscopes by Liz Greene and other top astrologers including Equinox Astrology, Astro*Intelligence, Astro*Carto*Graphy, plus news, articles, moon calendars, books, video and the Astrology Shop (Covent Garden), London.

  • Astrologica - Astrology services featuring free chart calculations with multiple graphics and horoscope analysis, download of astrology software, online textbooks, astrology links, and more.

  • Harmony's Home Page: Astrology Links: Astrological resource links representing some of the finest astrology sites on the Internet.

    Harmony's Home Page: Astrology Links

  • Le Rose Blanche - astrology from a different angle with a focus on business, relationships, and questions.

  • The international website for Astrology. Get your Personal Daily Horoscope and a wide selection of free horoscopes.

  • Astrological Chart Online. Drawing charts online, free offer to webmasters. No need to buy expensive astrology software to build a horoscope.

  • Richard Hills - Astrologer: In-depth birth chart consultations for individuals, couples and parents for children.

  • Paul offers free zodiac screensavers, fun astrology games, free monthly forecasts, free Sun sign analyses, astrologywizard chatroom & forum too!

  • Astrology Online. The largest Astrology site on the Internet featuring daily and weekly original horoscopes. Absolutely everything about Astrology.

    Astrology Online

  • Free Astrology for the Soul - Moses Siregar III and Friends. Featuring free courses on astrology, cutting edge articles and perspectives from numerous columnists, free daily horoscopes, message boards, humor, private sessions, and newsletters.

  • Astrological Knowledge: Astrology and numerology reports via email or on CD-ROM.

  • StarSeer offers high quality, astrology, numerology and tarot services for the discerning mind. Personal and business consulting available by appointment.

  • Life Cycles in Time Integration and Synchronicity Coincidences. Using birthdays and the Life Cycles Matrix System for insight in your consciousness, course of life, relationship, child raising, job, career, business, study and destiny.

  • AstroInfo - Astrological articles and readings


  • Celestial Tidings Astrology provides a full range of astrological information and resources, both entertaining and instructive. Take advantage of the "web-view" option and print your report right from the web, with no additional shipping and handling costs.

  • is a complete directory of professional astrologer, astrology courses, services and products.



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