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Dream of Dawn by Pamela Richards

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The Spiritus Mundi (The Spirit of the World) e-group is co-owned and co-moderated by Lee Miller and Christopher Warnock. It was established as a forum for discussion of traditional astrology, the astrology practiced in Europe before 1700.
The group welcomes postings on all aspects of traditional astrology, including Horary, Electional, Natal and Mundane astrology. There is also a definite emphasis on traditional Astrological Magic and the production of Astrological Talismans. You can Click here to join Spiritus Mundi.

Dream of Dawn


The painting, Dream of Dawn and the election were done by Pamela Richards. Pamela says,

The intended effect of the painting was to powerfully transform my relationship with my mother, which had recently become more difficult. Since this painting was completed, I discovered that a lunar eclipse had occurred in July 2001 one and a half degrees from my natal moon. This might explain some of my strong feelings at the time.
Sagitarius rises, symbolizing freedom and prosperity, with Mercury in Libra sextile the ascendant in the tenth, representing an accomplishment through magic in my relationship with my mother. The midheaven is in Virgo, the exaltation of Mercury, the planet ruling acts of magic. The planet, Mercury, in the house it rules, the tenth, denotes accomplishments of independence and self-rule.
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5
Saturn in Gemini in the seventh represents a deliberate restriction on the relationship with my mother, ruled by Mercury, thus, through means of this magical act. The north node of the moon, in Cancer ruled by the Moon herself, is also in the seventh house--a benefic influence in this house which may offset any negative forces in the house of relationships.
The Moon, representing the mother, is in the third house, in mutual reception with Jupiter in the eighth. Interestingly, these planets are in the exact reversed position in my birth chart--Jupiter in the third, Moon in the eighth! Jupiter is in the chart for the painting is in his exaltation in Cancer, trining the Moon.
The Moon represents the mother; her placement in Pisces renders her empathetic, and her placement in the third house makes her receptive to communication. The rulership of Saturn in the third house again emphasizes the restrictions placed on the relationship with her.
The Sun in the ninth is in Virgo, but the house is ruled by the Sun himself, with Leo on the cusp. Again, the philosophy is autonomy, through revelation and discrimination of what is working and useful for the native.
Mars is in the first, ruling the fifth, the house of self-expression and creativity. I have to admit I was kind of worked up and angry when I started this painting! The painting has a different style and subject matter than my usual. I'm glad I was able to express my feelings through the painting and not to take them out on others. The Mars energy used in this painting was well-focused, I'm happy to say!
The outcome of this work: the period during and after this painting has coincided with an improved relationship with my mother. I'm still undergoing some deep personal tranformations in this area of my life, but I feel more positive about the experience. I do not feel overwhelmed by the process, rather I feel I am a dynamic part of it. I feel that I can affect the process.
In my mind, my first "magical" painting has been a success!



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Artwork and Explanation Copyright 2002 Pamela Richards, All Rights Reserved, Other text and layout Copyright 2002, Christopher Warnock, All Rights Reserved.