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Writers' Strike Horary Example

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writers strike

This is the chart and actual analysis as given to the client who was a writer involved in the Writers' Strike of 2007-8.

Analysis made January 9, 2008
Question: How long will the Writer's Guild of America's strike against the AMPTP last?
Time Question Received & Understood: 5:54 pm CST January 9, 2008
Place Question Received & Understood: Iowa City, IA

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The meaning of the astrological factors are fully explained in the analysis below.
Astrological Factors Considered:

In this chart 2 Leo rises and it is Sun hour. As the Sun rules Leo, the chart is radical or rooted which means it has internal signs of accuracy. As Leo rises you & the other writers are signified by the Sun, who is peregrine and thus weak. The Sun is in the 6th house. The Moon signifies action and is peregrine and thus also weak. The Moon is in the 7th house.
The 7th house signifies opponents and enemies, so is potentially the house of the AMPTP. The 7th house is ruled by Saturn, the Greater Malefic, who is also peregrine and thus weak, but also retrograde. Saturn is in the 2nd house. Another house possibility for the AMPTP is the 10th house, ruled by Mars. Mars is dignified by term, but retrograde in the 11th house. The Moon applies to sextile Venus. Jupiter sextiles Saturn, significator of AMPTP. Venus makes an antiscion to the Sun, your significator.

Ok, you & the other writers are signified by the Sun, who is peregrine and thus weak, also being in a cadent house, together these factors show that you don't have much control over the situation and have difficulty getting things to go your way. The Moon, who signifies events, is also rather weak.
Saturn, 7th ruler (AMPTP as opponents) is also peregrine, but has the additional affliction of being retrograde. This shows a much worse level of weakness than the Sun, your significator, but also can indicate malevolence, particularly since Saturn is naturally the Greater Malefic. With the Sun, your significator, in Capricorn, Saturn's sign, you are under the influence and control of the AMPTP. Mars, 10th ruler (AMPTP as boss) is somewhat dignified by term, but also retrograde, so also again more afflicted than the Sun, your significator. Mars is the Lesser Malefic, so also rather nasty.
One thing I don't like is that the South Node afflicts the 2nd house of your money, showing definite money problems and/or losses. Saturn, the significator of the AMPTP is in the 2nd, showing that the AMPTP is causing you losses. This might include significant financial concessions to settle the strike.
Now there are no aspects between the Moon and Sun, your significators, and Saturn and Mars, AMPTP's significators, which would be the most direct way of showing a strike settlement and contract. One would assume, however, that the strike must end eventually so we note two interesting aspects. First the Moon, showing action, sextiles (a positive aspect) Venus, ruler of the 11th of hopes and dreams, natural ruler of artists and creativity who is in the 5th of entertainment and theater. The Sun, your significator, makes an antiscion, equivalent to a sextile, to Venus as well. This set of positive aspects to Venus, the Lesser Benefic, who is dignified, show positive progress. Venus, given her natural rulership and placement really looks like work starting up again.
Timing is always tricky, but, we note that 2 degrees of Leo rises, so we are still a bit early in the situation by this indication. The Moon is about 5 2/3 degrees from Venus, so this gives us a bit less than 6 time units, likely then a bit less than 6 weeks or 6 months. If there is going to be a 2008/2009 season than a bit less than 6 weeks would be really pushing it, but might make it.


The Writers' Strike ended February 12, 2008, approximately 5 weeks after the horary question.
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