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Traditional astrology offers a wide range of tools and techniques that can give significant insights into questions of sex, love, relationships and marriage. I offer a wide variety of readings with regard to relationships and you can see example charts and readings with links below.

Choosing a Relationship Reading
Electional Astrology: What's the Best Time?
Astrological Magic: What Can I Do About It?

Choosing a Relationship Reading

18th Century Venus

I offer a wide variety of relationship readings, using the full range of traditional astrological technique to give the maximum amount of information.
  • If you have a specific person in mind for the relationship you can get:

    • A relationship horary reading that uses the chart of a question to analyze accurately and precisely what will happen with the relationship. The relationship horary does not deal with the compatibility or life long romantic patterns of the couple; or

    • A Compatibility Reading that compares the natal charts of the couple to determine their compatibility and life long romantic patterns. The Compatibility Reading does not predict whether a relationship will take place or not; or

    • A Complete Relationship Reading that includes both a relationship horary reading and Compatibility Reading. This gives a complete rundown of the couple's compatibility, relationship patterns and accurately forecasts the course of their relationship; or

  • If you don't have a specific person in mind you can get a Soul Mate Reading which looks at your natal chart, plus does a horary to look out over the next 6-12 months at your romantic life. Don't get a Soul Mate Reading if you want to know about a relationship with a specific person.
Please Contact me if you need further guidance or information with regard to relationship readings.
I can use Horary astrology answer relationship questions like Where is this Relationship Going?, Should I End This Relationship?, When Will I Get Married? and Will He Marry Me?
I provide an number of actual questions, their astrological charts, analyses and the outcome of the relationships, including a Relationship Example Horary and a End of Relationship Example

Electional Astrology: What's the Best Time?

Electional astrology allows us to align ourselves with the rhythms of the Heavens by giving us a precise understanding of the nature of each moment. Certainly we would prefer, for example, to start a love affair when the appropriate celestial cycle is beginning rather than ending. Instead of fighting the course of events, we can increase our chances of success by moving with the current of the times.
Electional astrology can be used to choose astrologically auspicious times for such important events as Marriage and even for the seemingly frivolous act of Sex. I provide a Marriage Election Example with a full analysis and astrological chart.

Astrological Magic: What Can I Do About It?


Finally Astrological Magic and Astrological Talismans can be used in matters of love & relationships. Where, even in Electional Astrology the astrologer and his client are the passive recipients of the powers of the Heavens, through Astrological Magic the mage can harness the myriad sympathies and interconnections of the Cosmos and produce wondrous effects.
I have a specific Main Page devoted to Love Talismans as well as providing examples like the 26th Lunar Mansion Love Talisman and Marsilio Ficino's Venus Talisman. Each of these examples gives extensive information on the theory of talismans as well as practical instructions on the proper election of times for their construction, materials and rituals.


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