The Essential Dignities and Debilities of the Planets
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The Essential Dignities of the Planets

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The Essential Dignities and Debilities of the Planets
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The exact way of judicature in Astrology is, first by being perfect in the nature of the Planets and the Signs.

William Lilly

Essential Dignity Tables

Of the Essentiall Dignities of the Planets.

from William Lilly's Christian Astrology
(1st ed. 1647, reprinted 1985 Regulus).

Page 101


Of the Essentiall Dignities of the Planets.

The exact way of judicature in Astrology is, first, by being perfect in the nature of the planets and Signs.
Secondly, by knowing the strength, fortitude or debility of the Planets, Significators, and a well poysing of them and their aspects and severall mixtures, in your judgment.
Thirdly, by rightly applying the influence of the positure of Heaven erected, and the Planets aspects to one another at the time of the Question, according to naturall (and not enforced) maximes of Art; for by how much you endeavour to strain a judgment beyond nature, by so much the more you augment your Errour.
A Planet is then said to be really strong when he hath many Essential dignities, which are known, by his being either in his House, Exaltation, Triplicity, Terme or Face, at time of the erecting the Figure. As Example:


ESSENTIAL DIGNITY, HOUSE. In an scheam of Heaven, if you find a Planet in any of those Signs we call his house or houses, he is then essentially strong, and we allow for that five dignities; as Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius, &c.
Medieval King

In Judgment, when a planet or Significator is in his own house, it represents a man in such a condition, as that he is Lord of his own house, estate and fortune; or a man wanting very little of the Goods of this world, or it tels you the man is in a very happy state or condition: this will be true, unlesse the

Page 102

significator be retrograde, or combust, or afflicted by any other malevolent Planet or aspect.

EXALTATION. If he be in that Sign wherein he is exalted, you may allow him four dignities essentiall, whether he be neer the very degree of his exaltation, yea or not; as Mars in Capricorn or Jupiter in Cancer.
If the Significator be in his exaltation, and no wayes impedited, but Angular; it presents a person of haughty condition arrogant, affirming more unto him then his due; for it's observed, the Planets in some part of the Zodiack doe more evidently declare their effects then in others; and I conceive this to be in those Signs and degrees where fixed Starres of the same nature with the Planet, are more in number, and neerer the Ecliptick.


TRIPLICITY. If he be in any of those Signs which are alotted him for Triplicity, he hath allowed him three dignities; but i herein you must be cautious; as for example:
In a Question, Nativity, or the like, if you find the Sun in Aries, and the Question, or Nativity, or Scheam erected be by night, and you would examine the Sun his fortitudes, he shall have four dignities for being in his exaltation, which continues through the Sign; but shall not be allowed any dlgnity, as being in his triplicity; for by night the Sun ruleth not the fiery Triplicity, but Jupiter; who had he been in place of the Sun, and by night, must have had allowed him three dignities: and this doe generally in all the Planets, Mars excepted, who night and day ruleth the watry Triplicity.
A Planet in his triplicity, shews a man modestly indued with the Goods and Fortune of this world, one prettily descended, and the condition of his life at present time of the Question, to be good; but not so, as if in either of the two former dignities.


TERMS. If any Planet be in those degrees we assign for his Terms, we allow him two dignities; as whether day or night, if Jupiter be in one, two, three or four, &c. degrees of Aries, he is then in his oen Terms, and must have two dignities therefore, and so Venus in any of the first eight degrees of Taurus, &c.
St. Martin and the Beggar
A Planet fortified, onely as being in his own Terms, rather shews a man more of the corporature and temper of the Planet, then any

Page 103

extraordinary abundance in fortune, or of eminency in the Commen-wealth.

FACE. If any Planet be in his Decanate, Decurie or Face, as Mars in the first ten degrees of Aries, or in Mercury in the first ten degrees of Taurus, he is then allowed one essentiall dignity; for being in his own Decanate or Face, cannot then be called Peregrine.
A Planet having little or no dignity, but by being in his Decanate or Face, is almost like a man ready to be turned out of doors, having much adoe to maintaine himself in credit and reputation: and in Genealogies it represents a Family at the last gasp, even as good as quite decayed, barely able to support it self.


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