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"When Should I Stay or Should I Move?"
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Should I Stay or Should I Move?
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Will I buy the house?
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Will I buy the house?
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"Should I Stay or Should I Move?"

Time of Question: 10:33 am, EDT, September 11, 2002

Place of Question: Washington, D.C. 77W03 38N55
Regiomontanus Houses

In this chart Scorpio rises and it is Jupiter hour. The chart is not radical, but we can judge it nonetheless.
As Scorpio rises, the querent (person asking the question) is signified by Mars, who is peregrine and conjunct the 11th house of hopes and dreams.
The Moon, signifying action, is in fall in the 1st house. The Moon is void of course.
The 7th house signifying the potential location is ruled by Venus, who is dignified by triplicity, but in detriment and closely conjunct the Ascendant.
The 4th house signifying the current location is ruled by Saturn, who is dignified by triplicity and conjunct the 9th house.
Venus, ruler of the 7th applies to a sextile of Mars, significator of the querent, and then to a square of Jupiter, conjunct the 10th house cusp.
With fixed signs on all four angles, we have an immediate indication that the situation will stay as it is. The Moon is afflicted and void of course in a fixed sign, also indicating things stay as they are. The 7th ruler is dignified by triplicity, but in detriment, indicating that there are some advantages to the move, but they are outweighed by the disadvantages. The 7th ruler is conjunct the Ascendant, actually afflicting it!
The 4th ruler of the current location is Saturn, who is dignified by triplicity. Thus not only is the querent unlikely to move, but the current location is better.


Querent ignored horary and made arrangements to move. Income in new location then dropped, note square of 7th ruler Venus to Jupiter, natural significator of wealth and malefic South Node afflicting 2nd house of money. Querent did not move in the end.


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