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Seeing there is a Threefold world, Elementary, Celestial and Intellectual, and every Inferior is governed by its Superior... the very Original and Chief Worker of All doth... convey the Virtues of his Omnipotency upon Us.
Cornelius Agrippa

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Henry Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim was born on September 14, 1486 in Cologne. He died in Grenoble or Lyons in 1534 or 1535. Unlike Marsilio Ficino, for example, Agrippa never had the benefit of long term patronage. He was never able to stay long in one place and pursued many different professions serving as a soldier, physician, ambassador, and university lecturer. He was made a knight by the Emperor Maximilian.
In 1509 Agrippa wrote De nobilitate et praecelentia foemini sexus , (the nobility of the female sex and the superiority of women over men), which was not published until 1532. In 1509 Agrippa also began writing his magnum opus, Three Books of Occult Philosophy which was finally published in 1531.
In 1530 Agrippa published De incertitudine & vanitate scientiarum & artium, (the vanity and uncertainty of the arts and sciences). He also wrote a commentary on the Ars Brevis of Raymond Lull, as well as treatises on, marriage, the plague and geomancy. As is clear from the long delay between the writing and publishing of many of his works throughout his life Agrippa was dogged by ill luck and opposition to his ideas and works.

Agrippa's Theory & Philosophy


Agrippa's thought unites the streams of classical Neoplatonic
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and Hermetic philosophy, Jewish Kabbalah and Christianity. Three Books of Occult Philosophy, his most famous work, is a systematic exposition of the occult, in the sense of hidden, knowledge extant in Renaissance Europe. It is an encyclopedic work of Renaissance magic providing information on such diverse topics as planetary rulerships, occult virtues, sympathies and enmities of natural things, enchantments, sorceries, types of divination, the scales of numbers and their significance, astrological talismans, the divine Trinity, the Kabbalistic Names of God and the orders of evil spirits.
Yet despite its comprehensive nature Three Books of Occult Philosophy is organized in a systematic fashion. The three books each correspond to the three worlds of the elementary, celestial and intellectual realms. Agrippa sees the descent of all things from God through the worlds as a hopeful sign of the possibility of an ascent back to God.
The Renaissance philosophy of magi like Cornelius Agrippa represents the highest development of a spiritual and unified schema of thought in the West prior to the advent of the materialism and atheism of the Enlightenment. After 500 years Three Books of Occult Philosophy remains one of the leading texts of Western esoteric thought.
Here is a more comprehensive article on Agrippa's Theories of Astrological Magic.

Examples of Agrippa's Talismans


Venus Lapis Talisman
The Renaissance Astrology web site is unique in having multiple examples of actual astrological talismans and their electional astrology charts using Agrippa's methods. One of the most interesting is Rats Begone! a detailed article regarding a pest control talisman. This is a rare example of an acceptable use of malefic magic. Here is an very interesting Dream Talisman for spiritual guidance.
Here are Agrippa's instructions for Planetary Talismans and actual examples of Agrippa's talismans for various planets including the Sun and the Sun in Leo, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.
Here is Agrippa's chapter from Three Books of Occult Philosophy on Fixed Star Images and here are examples of talismans for the fixed stars Aldebaran , and the Heart of the Scorpion, Antares, the Greater Dog Star, Sirius, and the Lesser Dog Star Procyon, the very benefic Spica, and the very malefic Algol.

Learning Agrippa's Astrology & Magic


Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy is invaluable to anyone interested in learning his astrology and magic. It is available as one of 27 books of astrology and esoteric philosophy on my Renaissance Astrology CD Library.
My discussion group Spiritus Mundi is specifically focused on practical applications of Renaissance astrology and astrological magic.
I also offer a Planetary Magic Mini-Course which allows students to immediately begin working with Agrippa's planetary talismans as well as an Astrological Magic Full Course which teaches the full range of astrological elections and astrological magic.



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