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Traditional Astrology Websites


All of the following astrologers follow some variety of European astrology as it was practiced in the 500 years from the reception of Arabic science in the 13th century, through the Renaissance, into the early modern period and its decline around 1700 with the advent of the Enlightenment. This type of astrology is variously referred to as "medieval" (by Robert Zoller, who concentrates on the earlier half of this period), "classical" (by Lee Lehman, basically, but not slavishly, a follower of Lilly in the early modern period) or "traditional".

  • Skyscript - Deborah Houlding's Astrology Pages Articles by Deborah and various authors on all aspects of the history, development and traditional practice of astrology.

  • Lee Lehman is an expert at horary, natal and electional astrology and is the author of several books including Classical Astrology for Modern Living (Whitford, 1996) and Essential Dignities (Whitford, 1989).

  • Jacqueline Brook practices as a traditional horary, electional and natal astrologer in South Africa.

  • Robert Hand is one of the foremost astrologers in the World and has made great contributions to the field of traditional astrology. He is currently in graduate study at Catholic University.

  • We have a choice of dueling web sites for Robert Zoller, the leading traditional natal astrologer, who focuses on medieval technique.

    Billed as the Authentic Robert Zoller site

    the New Library site, apparently no longer the Authentic Robert Zoller site

  • Martin Gansten is a traditional astrologer and expert on primary directions

  • Anthony Louis practices Lilly-style horary astrology and Tarot.

  • Ruth Baker, Q.H.P., is an English traditional horary astrologer.

  • Gary Price's medieval astrology website is devoted to assisting astrologers in returning Astrology to its intended purpose. Horary and Natal articles are presented for study and comments while future development will allow students to study by correspondence on line along with a newsletter and a presentation of Mundane issues.

  • Anton Grigoryev is a Russian traditional astrologer with a particular interest in mundane astrology.

  • Traditional Astrology-Traditional Horary, Electional and Natal Astrology by Alexandre Nigri, QHP.


  • The English Merlin - the world of William Lilly and the 17th century astrologers. This excellent site provides detailed historical information on the most famous English astrologer as well as interesting astrological insights.

  • Patricia Anderson on the Arabic Parts. Detailed information on the Lots or Arabic Parts.

  • The Ancient Sky. Dedicated to the re-enchantment of the world Claire-France Perez, astrologer, presents an anthology of articles devoted to astrology in the Ancient, Classical style.

  • Forum on Astrology. Two-year horoscope-reading course based on the traditional methods of 17th century French astrologer Morin de Villefranche as taught by Zoltan Mason of New York. Site visitors can set up free online charts, enroll in a free public forum, and read articles by guest writers.

  • Mercuri. A site with a Renaissance and Medieval focus with articles and information by Kepler College students. Mercuri

  • Olivia Barclay did done yeoman work in reviving the horary astrology of William Lilly. Many of the best horary astrologers working today were students of her Qualifying Horary Diploma course.

  • Holistic Astrology "Astrologia Holistica" combines both Medieval and ModernAstrology, integrating the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of ones life. One cannot benefit from a reading if our Karmic lessons have not been learned. Also practitioner of Astrological Magic. Readings in both English and Spanish

  • Pamela Richards, astrologer and fine artist, uses primarily classical astrology for horary and electional charts, with an innovative natal interpretation that shows how to "let the Sun shine" in your life!

  • Jonathan Clarke practices Lilly style horary and kabbalah.

  • Karin Tye practices modern Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson style horary, but uses some traditional techniques.

  • The Lost Horoscope X-Files. Astrology software and free birth chart analysis tips based on the lost horoscope x-files from ancient greek, medieval and renaissance sources.

    The Lost Horoscope X-Files

  • Natal medieval astrology from Jonathan James, a graduate of Robert Zoller's comprehensive certificate course (MACC).

    Wind and Sky

  • Diana Rosenberg is an expert on the influence of the fixed stars.

Historical Links


Astrology and Religion Websites


I have been told by modern pagans that it is impossible for an astrologer to be a Christian and by fundamentalists that it is impossible for a Christian to be an astrologer.

Sources for Books on Astrology


One of the endless tasks of the pre-1700 astrologer is locating books.

Astrological Software


Good astrological software has become indispensable as we become dependant on computers.

  • Lee Lehman for Classical Writer, a very interesting program which provides classical delineations of natal charts.

  • Timaeus is a very useful planetary hours program from Curtis Manwaring at Zodiasoft Technologies. Timaeus is a system tray application that monitors the passage of the planetary hours providing a quick look into the changes of mood during the day. It is like having an "astrological weather forecast" for your local area on a continual basis. This shareware program is well worth $12 and can be quickly downloaded on a free 30 day trial basis from,

  • Mercurius: software specifically designed for traditional astrology.

  • Astrology House: Developers of Janus Astrological Software. All purpose astrology program with Medieval and Horary features.

  • Peter Zilahy Ingerman, PhD has a number of excellent astrology programs. DayFind is of particular interest to traditional astrologers as it incorporates the essential dignities and searches for appropriate days for elections. I can highly recommend this program as I assisted Dr. Ingerman with some of the traditional portions.

  • AstroDatabank: Astrology software containing over 20,000 birth data. Helps you learn astrology by example, improve your professional skills as an astrologer, and research and test your astrological theories.

  • Fund of Temporal Researches. High class astrological software.



  • Real Sorcery 24/7

    Moloch Sorcery

  • Catherine Yronwode's Lucky Mojo Curio Company is the premier on-line supplier of authentic hoodoo, conjure and rootwork supplies. Cat is also the foremost scholar of hoodoo and it shows on her informative website.

  • Todomojo is the name of the Rootwork Practice of (Auntie) Sindy Todo. Services include spiritual consulting/readings, custom mojo bags, candle rituals, altar work.

    Todo Mojo

  • Alchemy Works offers seeds, herbs, and plant resins that have traditionally been used in Earth-based spirituality and magic. Lots of information on which planets are linked to which plants.

  • Merchants of Atlantis: unique items and free services for the practical occultist.


Miscellaneous Websites


  • Adam Mclean's huge Alchemy site.

  • Catherine Yronwode's Lucky Mojo Curio Company is the premier on-line supplier of authentic hoodoo, conjure and rootwork supplies. Cat is also the foremost scholar of hoodoo and it shows on her informative website.

  • Tarot Celebrations: Honoring the Inner Voice. Geraldine Amaral offers a variety of tarot classes in the Washington, D.C. area designed to empower others. Her classes are a unique blend of spirituality, psychology, literature and esoteric knowledge. Receive a complimentary copy of her tarot journal as well as a schedule of her upcoming classes at her web site:

  • Joseph Peterson's Twilight Grotto. A huge library of magical and esoteric Renaissance texts.

  • The official web site for the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a non-profit organization that promotes the teachings of the Western Esoteric Tradition as set forth in the writings of Dr. William Wynn Westcott, S. L. MacGregor Mathers, and Israel Regardie.

  • Website of Erik Davis the author of Techgnosis (Three Rivers, 1998) A fascinating study of "myth, magic + mysticism in the age of information"

    The Matrix

    "[The Matrix] is the world pulled over your
    eyes to blind you to the truth."


  • These are sites dealing with my original (positive) reaction to the The Matrix.
  • Web sites dealing with a Gnostic interpretation of the 1999 film The Matrix by the brothers Wachowski.
  • For further discussion of man/machine consciousness see We Are Borg!


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