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Constellation Talisman


Good Luck, Happiness & Finding Lost Things

The current chart is a talisman of the constellation Cetus, the Whale for good luck, happiness and finding lost things. Cetus was the sea monster sent by Neptune to devour Andromeda.
The great medieval scientist and philosopher Albertus Magnus says,

"[the Sea Monster or Whale (Cetus)] is found engraved [as a crested serpent having a great hump on its back], and it is said to confer good luck by land and sea, and prudence and amiability ; and to restore things that have been lost. "

De Mineralibus, Book II, tractate iii, chapter 5, translated as "The Book of Minerals" Dorothy Wyckhoff (Oxford, 1967) at page 142
Marsilio Ficino
Marsilio Ficino
Albertus Magnus does not provide astrological timing instructions for the creation of constellational talismans. For this we turn to Marsilio Ficino, the Renaissance philosopher and mage. In his Three Books on Life Ficino discusses two different examples of constellational talismans.
The first is that of Ursa Minor the Lesser Bear, the constellation that contains Polaris, the North Star. Ficino says, "I planned to engrave a loadstone as best I could with the figure of the celestial Bear when the Moon was in one of her better aspects with it and then to suspend it from my neck with an iron thread." Three Books on Life, Bk III, ch. 15. Ficino goes on to discuss a ring of the constellation Serpentarius, stating that, "...when wearing this ring you would be safe from poison and poisonous diseases, provided, of course, you make it when the Moon aspects Serpentarius. Three Books on Life, Bk III, ch. 15.
Therefore, the procedure for constellational talismans is the same as fixed star talismans. We are to make them when the Moon makes an applying conjunction, sextile or trine to them. Our experience with fixed star talismans is that they are most effective when the star is rising and the Moon is applying to a conjunction. Therefore, the appropriate time to create our talisman of Cetus is when that constellation is rising and the Moon is applying to a conjunction.
I've chosen to focus on Menkar, alpha Cetus, the brightest star in the constellation Centus, located in the jaw of the Great Whale. Menkar's current zodiacal position is 14 degrees of Taurus.

Chart produced by Solar Fire

The chart above shows the election for 1:42 pm CST, December 23, 2012 in Iowa City, IA. Menkar and thus the constellation Cetus rises and the Moon, exalted and waxing, applies to Menkar and Cetus.
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