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Introduction to the Astrological Magic Course

The Astrological Magic Course teaches the theory and practice of traditional astrological talismans using an innovative course format with lessons and texts on CD or via download. The course is a complete introduction to the magic of Picatrix and the CD version includes a free copy of the paperback Complete Picatrix.

Students who successfully complete the Astrological Magic Course will be able to elect times for and construct a wide variety of astrological talismans, including planetary, lunar mansion, fixed star, decan, house, horary and natal talismans. Here is a video on taking Renaissance Astrology courses.

Using the traditional methods of Picatrix, Cornelius Agrippa, Marsilio Ficino and the Harranian Sabian sage Thabit Ibn Qurra. All of the electional astrology necessary to make talismans is taught in the course and no prior knowledge of magic or astrology is required.

Graduates of the Astrological Magic Course receive a certificate of completion. The material presented in the Astrological Magic Course is difficult and requires commitment to master.


Included Texts, Software & Courses

The Astrological Magic Course is a complete course in the theory, philosophy and practice of traditional astrological talismans by the leading contemporary traditional astrological magician, Christopher Warnock. The Astrological Magic Course includes the Planetary Magic Mini-Course, the Decan/Face Mini-Course and the Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course. There are no time limits for completion of the course and students may proceed at their own pace. By completing the lessons and homework, students can gain a certificate of completion and gain the title of Astrologicus Magos, Astrological Mage!

There is only one required paperback book for the Astrological Magic Course which students will need to purchase: E.M.W. Tillyard's Elizabethan World Picture. The four other required paperbacks, Thabit Ibn Qurra's De Imaginibus and the Mansions of the Moon book, Secrets of Planetary Magic and the paperback Complete Picatrix are provided free to Astrological Magic Course students that order the CD version. Students that order the download version will need to obtain the Picatrix and other required books themselves, either in paperback or as Kindle E-books.


The rest of the course texts are online or provided on the Lesson & Text CD or via download in html and in pdf. Here are the texts in pdf:

  • Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy
  • Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy attributed to Agrippa.
  • Israel Hibner's Mysterium Sigillorum talisman section
  • The Testament of Solomon
  • John Gadbury's Diary of the Planetary Hours
  • George Simotta's Theater of the Planetary Hours
  • Archidoxes of Magic of Parcelsus
  • Sheepherd's Kalendar talismans
  • John Gadbury's Nauticum Astrologicum electional chapter
  • Johannes Angelus' Astrological Optics 360 degree image descriptions
  • Picatrix Guide
  • 18 Planetary Talismans from Picatrix
  • Picatrix Ritual Preparations
  • Picatrix Planetary Invocations

There are four software programs provided with the Astrological Magic Course:

Note that the software only runs on Windows PCs or Macs running Windows emulators. If you are just running the native Mac OS you can still take the course, plus read the CDs, lessons and pdfs. The software is helpful, but not necessary for the course!

Course Syllabus

The Astrological Magic Course Syllabus is as follows:

Lesson 1: The Magical World View

Lesson 2: The Planets, Planetary Hours & Basic Planetary Talismans

Lesson 3: The Mansions of the Moon

Lesson 4: Signs & Essential Dignities

Lesson 5: Chart Reading & Aspects

Lesson 6: Advanced Planetary Talismans

Lesson 7: Advanced Mansion Talismans

Lesson 8: Fixed Star & Constellation Talismans

Lesson 9: Decan & Face Talismans

Lesson 10: Miscellaneous Talismans

Lesson 11: Houses & House Based Talismans

Lesson 12: Horary, Natal & Double Talismans

Lesson 13: Ritual & Ceremonial Magic

Lesson 14: The Masterpiece

Lesson 15: Zoller: the Secret Instructions


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Astrological Magic Course On CD
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Astrological Magic Course On CD
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Astrological Magic Course

The cost of the Astrological Magic Course on CD is $399.95, plus $12.95 US priority mail or $35 non US-priority mail shipping. This includes the course text and lesson CD and free copies of my translation of Thabit Ibn Qurra's De Imaginibus and my Mansions of the Moon book, Secrets of Planetary Magic, the Complete Picatrix.

The cost of the Astrological Magic Course via download is $375, but you will need to obtain your own copies of the following books which are not included with the download: De Imaginibus and my Mansions of the Moon book and Secrets of Planetary Magic and the Complete Picatrix.

Both the CD and download versions of the Astrological Magic Course include the complete lessons, pdf texts, plus the Planetary Magic, Decan/Face and Mansions of the Moon mini-courses, plus planetary hours, decan/face, planetary magic and lunar mansions software.

If you are already a student of my Planetary Magic Mini-Course or Lunar Mansions Mini-Course you receive a $25 discount and if you are a student in my Horary, Natal or Electional full course you get a $50 off the Astrological Magic Course. The mini-course and full course discounts cannot be combined. Astrological Magic Course students get $50 off the Horary or Electional Astrology Courses.

Please Contact me with any questions or for current student discounts.

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