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Election for the Invocation of Paimon

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for the

Invocation of


from the

Lesser Key of Solomon

Please note: I have no practical personal experience with Goetic invocation, I just timed the following election for a Goetic magician. I cannot instruct in how to do Goetic invocations nor do I know anyone to recommend for this
One of the most important magical uses of Electional Astrology is the selection of auspicious times for ceremonies and rituals. Here is an example of an election done for the invocation of Paimon, a Goetic spirit.
The instructions for the invocation of Paimon are found in the Lesser Key of Solomon also known as the Lemegeton, the first book of which is known as the Goetia. This grimoire was popular in the Middle Ages and Renaissance with many copies surviving in manuscript form. The listing of the names of the spirits was even printed in Reginald Scot's Discovery of Witchcraft, available on the Renaissance Astrology CD Library.
The Goetic spirits are, at best, rather unruly, and the magician who is brave enough to call upon them must arm themselves with a protective magical circle, various seals of Solomon and heavy-duty invocations.
My client was a very experienced ceremonial magician who wished to avail himself of the services of Paimon in order to obtain a promotion and increased salary. Here is the description of this Spirit from the Lesser Key of Solomon:

The Ninth Spirit in this Order is Paimon, a Great King, and very obedient unto LUCIFER. He appeareth in the form of a Man sitting upon a Dromedary with a Crown most glorious upon his head. There goeth before him also an Host of Spirits, like Men with Trumpets and well sounding Cymbals, and all other sorts of Musical Instruments. He hath a great Voice, and roareth at his first coming, and his speech is such that the Magician cannot well understand unless he can compel him.

This Spirit can teach all Arts and Sciences, and other secret things. He can discover unto thee what the Earth is, and what holdeth it up in the Waters; and what Mind is, and where it is; or any other thing thou mayest desire to know. He giveth Dignity, and confirmeth the same. He bindeth or maketh any man subject unto the Magician if he so desire it. He giveth good Familiars, and such as can teach all Arts. He is to be observed towards the West. He is of the Order of Dominations. He hath under him 200 Legions of Spirits, and part of them are of the Order of Angels, and the other part of Potentates.

Now if thou callest this Spirit Paimon alone, thou must make him some offering; and there will attend him two Kings called LABAL and ABALI , and also other Spirits who be of the Order of Potentates in his Host, and 25 Legions. And those Spirits which be subject unto them are not always with them unless the Magician do compel them. His Character is this which must be worn as a Lamen before thee, etc.

Lesser Key of Solomon
Here are the electional rules from the Lesser Key of Solomon:


Paimon's Seal
First, thou shalt know and observe the Moon's Age for thy working. The best days be when the Moon Luna is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 days old, as Solomon saith; and no other days be profitable. The Seals of the 72 Kings are to be made in Metals. The Chief Kings' in Sol (Gold); Marquises' in Luna (Silver); Dukes' in Venus (Copper); Prelacies' in Jupiter (Tin); Knights' in Saturn (Lead) Presidents' in Mercury (Mercury); Earls' in Venus (Copper), and Luna (Silver), alike equal, etc.

These 72 Kings be under the Power of Amaymon, Corson, Zimimay or Ziminair, and G÷AP, who are the Four Great Kings ruling in the Four Quarters, or Cardinal Points, [These four Great Kings are usually called Oriens, or Uriens, Paymon or Paymonia, Ariton or Egyn, and Amaymon or Amaimon. By the Rabbins they are frequently entitled: Samael , Azazel, Azšel, and Mahazael.] viz.: East, West, North, and South, and are not to be called forth except it be upon Great Occasions; but are to be Invocated and Commanded to send such or such a Spirit that is under their Power and Rule, as is shown in the following Invocations or Conjurations.

And the Chief Kings may be bound from 9 till 12 o'clock at Noon, and from 3 till Sunset; Marquises may be bound from 3 in the afternoon till 9 at Night, and from 9 at Night till Sunrise; Dukes may be bound from Sunrise till Noonday in Clear Weather; Prelates may be bound any hour of the Day; Knights may from Dawning of Day till Sunrise, or from 4 o'clock till Sunset; Presidents may be bound any time, excepting Twilight, at Night, unless the King whom they are under be Invocated; and Counties or Earls any hour of the Day, so it be in Woods, or in any other places whither men resort not, or where no noise is, etc.

Lesser Key of Solomon
Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

Our election is for 7:20 pm PST, December 7, 2000, for San Diego, California, where the ceremony took place. The Goetia says that Great Kings are to be bound from 9 am to 12 pm and 3 pm until sunset. Our chosen time is after sunset.
However, Nelson White, in his commentary on the Sloane MS 2731 version of the Goetia suggests that these times are rough approximations of the planetary hours.
Our chosen time is Jupiter day (Thursday) and Jupiter hour. We might prefer Sunday and Sun hour to coordinate with the nature of Paimon, but as the Key of Solomon notes the hours of Jupiter are appropriate for "...obtaining honors, acquiring riches..." so this time is even more appropriate. The Goetia suggests that the best days for invocations are the even days of the first two quarters of the Moon, as the new Moon was on November 25, 2000, on December 7, the Moon will be 12 days old and thus is appropriate under this measure.
We now proceed to examine further astrological factors. The Moon, as the fastest planet and emissary to the sub-lunar realm, is always a prime concern. Here it is excellently placed in Taurus, its exaltation and located in the angular 10th house. We also look to the ruler of the first house to signify the elector (the person using the election). Since Cancer is rising, the Moon is also significator of the elector, again, excellently placed in Taurus in the 10th.
We then look to the 10th house as the significator of the hoped for promotion. Ten degrees of Aries is on the cusp and since the Sun has greatest dignity at that degree, the Sun is the almuten of the 10th. The famous English astrologer William Lilly, says, "...see if the Lord of the first or Moon be in the tenth, he shall then obtain what he desires..." Christian Astrology, p. 444.
The Sun, almuten of the 10th is in Sagittarius, where he has dignity by triplicity. (He gets worse until his exaltation in Aries which happens in April) He does apply to a sextile of malefic Mars, but the sextile is a good aspect. We also wish to strengthen the Sun because of the solar nature of Paimon. So to sum up, the Moon is quite strong by sign and by house, the first ruler is in the tenth, delivering the promotion. The Sun rules the 10th and has at least some dignity, by triplicity.

I have no practical personal experience with Goetic invocation, I just timed the above election for a Goetic magician. I cannot instruct in how to do Goetic invocations nor do I know anyone to recommend for this
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