Fixed Stars in Renaissance Astrology and Magic
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Fixed Stars, Manners & Character from
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Fixed Stars in Renaissance Astrology and Magic
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William Lilly

Book Three, Page 536-8

Fixed Stars & the Significator of Manners

The Significator of Manners joyned to fixed Starres of the 1st or 2nd magnitude, being but a little distant from the Ecliptick, have great signification in the Manners, and make those signified to be more apparent;
For if the Significator of Manners be with Caput Medusae [Algol] in 21. Taurus, [26 Taurus] it begets in the Native a certaine dogged nature and violence, whereby he either procures sudden death unto himselfe, or is the cause of it to otheres.
The Pleiades in 24. Taurus [0 Gemini], inclines the Native to be wanton, ambitious, turbulent. Oculus Taurus [Aldebaran] in 4.30, Gemini [9 Gemini] to be fierce, full of courage to delight in Military affaires, unquiet, seditious; but the Moon in conjunction with it, imports a good fellow, especially in the ascendant; but if the lord of the ascendant be with the Moon in Conjunction with that fixed Starre, he proves a Murderer; the more probably, if he be a masculine Planet, and the Sun unfortunate: usually Saturn with Oculus Taurus, produces great afflictions, and shewes a strange mind and very wicked.
The Little Goat [Capella] in 16.30 Gemini [22 Gemini ], begets in the minds of men a curiosity, together with much carefulnesse and fearfulnesse; such would know all things, and itch after Novelties.
The Girdle of Orion [Mintaka] in 17.20 Gemini [22 Gemini], sharpens the understanding, memory, and makes men industrious.
The Lesser Dog Starre [Procyon] in almost 9 degr. of Cancer [26 Cancer], designes a petulant sawcy fellow, prone to anger, proud, carelesse, violent, giddy.
Hercules [Pollux] in 18. Cancer [23 Cancer], induces subtilty and craft, spirit and valour, audaciousnesse mixed with cruelty and rashnesse.
The Basilisk, or Heart of the Lyon [Regulus] in 24. Leo [29 Leo], as I said of the other fixed Starres, when either the Significator of Manners or Lord of the ascendant is in Conjunction with them, or any of them, so I say, if either of them is corporally with the Lyons Heart, it shews the Native to be Magnanimous, that he is of generous and civill condition, desires to beare rule, or is ambitious of dominion over others.
The Scorpions Heart [Antares] in 4.30 Sagittarius [9 Sagittarius ], shew a rash, ravenous and head-strong person, destructive to himselfe by his obstinancy.
The Virgins Spike [Spica] in 18 Libra [23 Libra], expresse a man or person of sweet disposition, diligent in attaining Arts and Sciences, or a most admirable invention when Mercury is with him; if Saturn be there, it imports a suspicious person, sharp and rugged, violent in dispute; if Mars be with Spica Virgo, it presupposes a rigid person, and yet a cool, or little better.
Lyra [Vega] in 10. Capricorn [15 Capricorn ], inclines to gravity and sobriety, yet but with outward pretences, for usually the person is lascive.
Aquila [Vulture or Altair] in 26. Capricorn [2 Aquarius ], a bold, confident, valiant person, never yeelding, guilty of blood-shed, of distempered Manners, &c.
Rictus Capricorn [Bo] in 1. of Aquarius [5 Aquarius ], if Mercury be there, argues a solid head-piece, or one of a piercing understanding.
The constellation of the Dolphin from the 9. to the 15. of Aquarius [14-17 Aquarius] portends one of simple looks, but cheerful in hawking, hunting, and other pleasing sports, yet of double intentions, or in plaine termes, one that speaks one thin, and intends another, or dissembles with his best friends.
The Taile of the Swan, or Cauda Cygni [Azelfafage] in the beginning of Pisces [28 Pisces], makes a man ingenious, and apt to any learning or knowledge, &c.


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