Bronze Mercury Fox Talisman

Wealth, Love, Health, Joy & Protection

Mercury Talisman Talisman Front


Renaissance Astrology is pleased to present authentic bronze Mercury Fox talismans for Wealth, Love, Health, Joy & Protection and were made with precisely chosen astrological conditions which you can see listed below to maximize their magical and astrological power.

The talisman comes from Liber sigillorum, Part I, I which says it,
"...availeth for all plantings and all tillings, for all the discoveries of treasures, for war and for commencement: it converteth ill-will and enmity to love: it availeth in many infirmities. Now if any should bear it upon himself, serpents will fly before his face and men will be subject to him: yea, and he will have power over him on whom he would inflict evil."
"If an epileptic should bear it, he will be healed: in like manner, if one laveth it in spring-water where the sun shineth not and should drink thereof, he will be healed: if it be drunk with the water of bdellium, fennel or rue, it expelleth the infirmities of asthmatics and melancholics and likewise the malign poison which proceeds from black colors. Now if it be buried in a spring, the water will be troubled and increase beyond measure. If thou shouldst find it, wear it about thy neck: it banisheth from one all the love and vexation of evil spirits: if he be indolent who bears it, he will become active."

Mercury Talisman Back
Talisman Back

This talisman comes from Celestial Gems & Sigils which is a comprehensive translation of the variant manuscripts of De Lapidibus, "On Stones" and the Liber sigillorum, "the Book of Sigils" the most important medieval magical lapidaries.

On the front is the image of a fox by the talented artist Holly Ellis from the image description in the Liber sigillorum, Part I, I "of a man having a long beard, a long face and curved eyebrows, seated on a plough between two bulls, bearing a vulture in his hand and the head of a man and of a fox on his neck."

On the back of the talismans is the name of Mercury, two Mercury symbols, Gemini, Mercury's sign at the casting and the goals of the talisman, "Wealth, Love, Health, Joy and Protection".

Mercury chart

The Mercury talismans were created with the conditions shown on this chart at 4:14 am, June 19, 2023 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Those conditions are that Mercury rises, is dignified by sign (+5) and triplicity (+3) for SUPER +8! and it is the planetary hour of Mercury. Very powerful talisman!

I am pleased to offer beautiful golden bronze Mercury Fox talismans. The talismans are 1.5 inches in diameter and weigh 18 grams, just shy of an ounce. Bronze is composed of 98% copper and 2% alloy.

The talismans were created and consecrated with the conditions as listed above and come with a chain to wear as a pendant. All Renaissance Astrology talisman are consecrated when created to call the celestial angels/spirits into them. We recommend an additional personal consecration to introduce yourself to the angels/spirits and bring the power of the talisman to you. The talisman comes with an image for consecration plus an information booklet with full personal consecration instructions.


Mercury Talisman
US shipping

Mercury Talisman
non-US shipping

The bronze +8 Mercury Fox talismans for Wealth, Love, Health, Joy & Protection are $399.95 plus $27.95 US shipping or $90 non-US shipping. For non-US shipping please Contact me to see if there is a less expensive alternative for your country.

Please note that while many clients are happy with their talismans, check out the talisman testimonials, some are not and I cannot guarantee exactly what the effects, if any, will be for any individual client. Please keep in mind that as talismans are artisan made they may have casting flaws, nicked edges, blush or blemishes even at initial delivery. Because of this and because I cannot resell talismans, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on talismans.

Please Contact me for more information!

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