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Astrology, a spiritual science, is the study of the cycles of the stars and planets and their relationship to events on Earth.
From its origins 4,000 years ago in Babylonia and Chaldea astrology developed into a science of great complexity, capable of detailed and precise predictions.
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Astrologers and mages like Cornelius Agrippa and Marsilio Ficino using the fabled grimoire Picatrix brought traditional astrology and astrological magic to their greatest heights in the Renaissance.

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Renaissance Astrology
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Astrology went out of fashion and into an abrupt decline with the rise of mechanistic science and materialism in the eighteenth century "Enlightenment". When it rose again at the early part of the twentieth century, it was in the guise of psychological astrology, shorn of its ability to predict.
With the rebirth of the actual techniques of Renaissance astrology, concrete and specific prediction of actual events, precise, pinpoint elections of dates and times and the beauty and harmony of Renaissance astrological and talismanic magic are available again from Christopher Warnock, the preeminent astrological magician and a leading traditional astrologer.
You can learn more about authentic Renaissance astrology and astrological magic through this web site, my Facebook page, Discussion group and Blog. You can learn about me on my Biography page.
My astrological specialities are Horary Astrology, Electional Astrology, Astrological Magic and natal astrology where I offer the Full Natal Reading plus my Astrological Checkup Mini-Natal Reading and Spiritual Path Reading. All natal readings include personalized suggestions for astrological talismans and remedies.
Horary astrology is used to obtain accurate predictions of particular questions.
Horary means "of the hour" and answers questions by casting a horoscope, a detailed map of the Heavens, for the time, date and location in which a question was asked.
The Soul Mate Reading combines both horary and natal astrology to clearly delineate marriages and relationships.
The Career Reading also combines both horary and natal astrology to give a complete picture of your career prospects.
Almost any serious question can be answered through horary astrology. The following are some popular questions and general topic areas:
For a partial list of appropriate topics for horary questions see Topics for Horary Questions.

The techniques of horary astrology can also be used to predict the outcome of almost any event, either in the past or scheduled in the future, for which we have an exact time, date and place using Event Charts.

Not only can astrology answer questions regarding Fate, that is what has or will happen, but it can also guide our Free Will through choosing astrologically appropriate times to take action.
Through electional astrology we can determine the best time for success in almost any activity. Among the most popular elections are:

For a partial list of appropriate topics for elections see Topics for Elections.

I also offer an Astrological Checkup and Spiritual Path Reading as well as my Full Natal Reading which analyze your unique birth chart and recommend appropriate talismans.

I offer a Horary Astrology Course, which teaches how to make precise, accurate predictions from the charts of questions, an Electional Astrology Course which teaches how to pick astrologically auspicious times to take action.

You can also learn the Renaissance astrological magick of Marsilio Ficino, Cornelius Agrippa and Picatrix though the Traditional Astrological Magic Course and the Planetary Magic Mini-Course, Astrology for Rootworkers Mini-Course and the Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course. I also offer a Mass Magic Course which teaches the magic of mass media, advertising, marketing and propaganda and the Astrological Geomancy Mini-Course which teaches the ancient divinatory art of geomancy.

Courses are taught through on line format or on CD with complete lessons, diagrams and links for each of the course. Many course come with free books in hard copy and in pdf format.

Renaissance Astrology publishes original books and translations on astrology, magic and other esoteric topics including Thabit Ibn Qurra's De Imaginibus on astrological magic; the Mansions of the Moon book; Warnock's Horary Case Book; Picatrix Books I & II, akey text of astrological magic; John Michael Greer's Geomancer's Handbook ; and Nigel Jackson's Fortuna's Wheel on Hermetic Tarot.

If you are interested in discussing and learning about Renaissance Astrology, particulary Astrological Magic, you may wish to subscribe to Spiritus Mundi my e-group devoted to traditional (pre-1700) astrology. You may be interested in Why I Use the Tropical Zodiac. I also have a Renaissance Astrology blog. I practice as an attorney and Renaissance astrologer in Iowa City, Iowa.

So explore the site and begin your journey into Renaissance Astrology.

Renaissance Astrology

Please Contact me if you need further assistance in placing an order.

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