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Magicians affirm that Images, Seals & Rings Being Opportunely Framed under a Certain Constellation... some Wonderful Thing may be Received.

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Introduction to Astrological Talismans & Amulets
Sources for Astrological Talismans & Amulets

Learning Astrological Magic and How to Make Astrological Talismans & Amulets

Buying Astrological Talismans Through the Renaissance Astrology Inner Circle
Types of Astrological Talismans & Amulets

Planetary Talismans & Amulets

Saturn Talismans Jupiter Talismans Mars Talismans
Sun Talismans Venus Talismans Mercury Talismans
Moon Talismans

Fixed Star Talismans

Talismans of the Mansions of the Moon

House Based Full Chart Talismans

Learning More About Astrological Talismans

Introduction to Astrological Talismans & Amulets

Talisman comes from the Greek telesma meaning consecrated or sacred object. Amulet comes from the Latin amuletum and refers more narrowly to objects with an apotropaic or protective function. The key to astrological talismans and amulets is the timing of their creation which is determined by electional astrology. Unless talismans are created at an astrologically auspicious time as well as being ritually consecrated they are nothing more than jewelry with astrological designs, lacking any magical or spiritual charge.
Talismans represent the logical extension of a spiritual world view and have been a part of Western culture for thousands of years. Renaissance Magi like Marsilio Ficino and Cornelius Agrippa saw the entire Cosmos as one great, interconnected Being, a system based on intricate harmony, sympathy and correspondence, both spiritual and material. Astrology, Alchemy and Magic were seen as the preparatory studies for Hermetic Gnosis, a practical way of experiencing the unity of the Cosmos.
Astrologer from the Shepherd's Kalender

The Renaissance Astrology website provides resources for both students and practitioners of authentic medieval and Renaissance astrological magic. All of the information on the website has been carefully researched from authentic traditional sources and meticulously cited for further reading and study. Those who find their interest piqued learn can learn how to create talismans for themselves in accordance with the ancient Western esoteric system.

Renaissance Astrology Talismans in the British Museum

British Museum
The British Museum was founded in 1753 and is one of the largest and most important museums in the world with its comprehensive collections totaling over seven million objects. It has one of the foremost collections in the world of magical items and objects.
Renaissance Astrology is proud that two of its authentic astrological talismans have been made a part of the permanent collection of the British Museum. The Mercury table talisman and the Venus table talisman are described as "Twenty-first century version of a silver Hebrew Renaissance style planetary talisman based upon a design first described by Cornelius Agrippa in 1531."
While Renaissance Astrology does not sell talismans, the addition of talismans created with our assistance to the British Museum shows our committment to traditional astrology and traditional philosophy and to preserving and teaching this ancient art.

Sources for Astrological Talismans & Amulets

For Renaissance astrological magic our key printed sources for talismans and amulets are Cornelius Agrippa's encyclopedic Three Books of Occult Philosophy and Marsilio Ficino's fascinating Three Books on Life. The association of astrology and astrological magic with evil spirits created a chill with regard to publication of texts on these subjects in the Renaissance. However, there are several other interesting printed sources including The Supreme Mysteries also known as the Archidoxes of Magic attributed to Paracelsus and Mysterium Sigillorum by Israel Hibner.
A considerable number of astrological magic texts circulated in the medieval and Renaissance period in manuscript. Frank Klassen provides an interesting list of library holdings of Manuscripts of Astrological Image Magic. One of the most important manuscripts of astrological magic was the Picatrix or Ghayat al Hikam, "the Aim of the Wise". This book, written circa AD 1000 and translated into Latin in 1256 at the court of Alphonso the Wise of Castile, was probably the most influential of all astrological magic texts. Both Agrippa and Ficino cite the Picatrix extensively. Here is our complete English translation of Picatrix. Another key text is De Imaginibus "On Images" by the Harranian Sabian sage Thabit Ibn Qurra. This text, newly translated and published by Renaissance Astrology, represents the most sophisticated astrological magic ever practiced, using as it does, the entire repertoire of traditional Electional Astrology. The Book of the Treasure of Alexander, translated and published by Renaissance Astrology, is a 10th century Arabic Hermetic source with over 30 fascinating astrological talismans and original talismanic images. Another interesting source for ceremonial magic using astrology are the Pentacles from the Greater Key of Solomon.
There are also a large number of translations from authentic Renaissance and medieval astrological magic sources available on the Renaissance Astrology web site including translations from Picatrix, as well as Planetary Rings from the Treasure of Alexander, Hermes on the 15 Fixed Stars, Albertus Magnus on the Talismans of the Signs of the Zodiac and Constellations, The Images & Figures of Hermes, Seals of Stones of Solomon and the Seals & Sigils of Chael.

Learning Astrological Magic and How to Make Astrological Talismans & Amulets


If you are interested in astrological magic and astrological talismans the Renaissance Astrology website is an excellent resource with over 300 pages of material on traditional astrology and magic. Here is a useful page on Astrology and Magic Books some of which are available directly from Renaissance Astrology, links are provided for other useful book sources.
If you are interested in discussing and learning about Renaissance Astrology, particulary Astrological Magic, the construction of talismans and the magical use of Electional Astrology , you may wish to subscribe to Spiritus Mundi my e-group devoted to traditional (pre-1700) astrology or my Renaissance Astrology blog.
For those that desire to delve deeper into Astrology and magic I offer my Planetary Magic Mini-Course and Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course, which allow students to immediately start making talismans and elections and are a great introduction to my longer Electional Astrology Course, and Astrological Magic Course. Please Contact me with any questions regarding traditional astrological magic courses.

Buying Astrological Talismans & Amulets Through the Renaissance Astrology Inner Circle


Renaissance Astrology does not sell talismans to the general public, but only by private sale through the Renaissance Astrology Inner Circle. While we are always interested in new members, the Inner Circle is a private group limited to those seriously interested in the study and practice of authentic Hermetic astrology and astrology magic. Inner Circle members have access and the opportunity to purchase all currently available Renaissance Astrology talismans.
All students in Renaissance Astrology courses are eligible to be part of the Inner Circle, as are clients who have previously purchased a Renaissance Astrology talisman or pentacle or had a Renaissance Astrology reading. Other Inner Circle members are by invitation only. For now, the Inner Circle is free to all those that are eligible. If you are interested in becoming part of the Inner Circle please read the rest of this section and then Contact me.
Please let me know if you have previously bought Renaissance Astrology talismans or pentacles or are a student of mine and what course or what readings I have done for you or tell me what experience or interest you have with astrology, magic or esoteric arts.
If you are willing to take the time and energy necessary to work with the spiritual realm, you are an ideal candidate for the Inner Circle and more likely to have success with talismans and your other spiritual and magical endeavors. If your main interest is in quick and immediate results and you don't really care how you get them, you will likely not be successful and the Inner Circle and Renaissance Astrology talismans are not for you.
If accepted you will receive a link to the private Inner Circle webpages as well as a username and password and you will be able to access and purchase Renaissance Astrology talismans. If you wish you can ask to receive the Inner Circle Marginalia, an e-mail newsletter, just for Inner Circle members, on esoteric topics, with the first look at all new Renaissance Astrology talismans!
Please note that while many clients are happy with their talismans, some are not and I cannot guarantee exactly what the effects will be for any individual client. Because of this and because I cannot resell talismans, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on talismans.
The Renaissance Astrology Inner Circle is proud to present authentic astrological talismans. Astrological pentacles and mirrors are also examples of different types of astrological talismans. The key to the creation of astrological talismans is that they must be created and take on their final form at a time that has been elected, i.e. properly selected, using the appropriate astrological factors. For example, the basic recipe for a planetary talisman is that the planet be:
  1. Dignified (usually by sign or exaltation)
  2. Rising or culminating (within at least 8-10 degrees of the Ascendant or Midheaven)
  3. In the planetary hour of the planet
  4. With the planet and the Moon unafflicted.
It is not enough to make the talisman whenever convenient and then to consecrate the talisman at a properly elected time. The talisman needs to take on its final form, e.g. be inscribed, etched, cast, painted, carved, printed out, etc., when the appropriate astrological factors are in effect. In addition, to creation, it is also vital that the talisman be consecrated at the elected time, because consecration calls the appropriate spirit or spirit into the talisman which is the source of its power. Renaissance Astrology usually works directly from our traditional (pre-1700) sources which provide recipes for hundreds of different talismans or we use the principles of traditional astrological magic to elect appropriate times for talismans. We make talismans not only of the planets, but also of fixed stars, Mansions of the Moon, decan/faces, multiple house based and other celestial factors.
While there are different models for understanding how talismans work, I am increasingly pulled towards seeing talismans as a dwelling place of a celestial spirit or spirits. Talismans provide a way to connect with these spirits and to allow their influence to spread throughout our lives. At Renaissance Astrology we follow only the right hand path and do only benefic magic. The spirits we work with are angelic. Our approach is devotional. We see these spirits as powerful and positive beings who cannot be commanded, but to whom polite requests can be made. Respect is the key and we always seek to act respectfully towards the celestial spirits. We do not need to be afraid that if we make a small mistake in ritual that the reaction will be strongly negative as the celestial angels are benign and forgiving. On the other hand, we do not act foolishly or disrespectfully towards them.
The effects of astrological talismans are unpredictable. Generally the effects will fall within the actions and areas ruled by the particular planet, fixed star, etc. For example, Jupiter rules wealth, prosperity, good fortune and justice, but also storms. One client who bought a Jupiter talisman reported that just as the deliveryman came to their house, a sudden thunderstorm started. However, exactly what effects a particular talisman will have for a particular person cannot be predicted. Many clients are happy and have noticeable and positive effects, some clients are unhappy with their talismans and say that they see no effects at all. A few clients have reported what they believe are negative effects from talismans. While these clients often have never had any experience with magic or have extravagant expectations, potential clients should keep this in mind. We cannot guarantee what the effects of talismans will be. Clients that insist on guaranteed results should not buy talismans.
Timing is also unpredictable. We have had clients that had noticeable and appropriate effects as soon as they bought the talisman, but before receiving it. Others have effects immediately upon reciept, others took months, and some, as noted, saw no effects at all. Astrological talismans are best suited for clients that are knowledgeable about the esoteric, experienced with magic and/or are willing to take the time and energy to make a long term connection with the spirit of the talisman. Astrological talismans are not appropriate for clients looking for a quick fix, to immediately win big at the lottery or stock market or are in an emergency situation.
Working with Renaissance Astrology astrological talismans could possibly be best analogized to working with saints. These are highly benefic and powerful beings whom you can make requests of, but cannot command. They will do what is in your best interest, not necessarily what your ego desires. Just being in their presence and being under their influence is a very positive experience causing positive internal change, ultimately perhaps of more value than simply getting one's ego desires and physical needs met.
Renaissance Astrology talismans are all hand made at precisely chosen times in very limited editions. Once a talisman has been shipped, it is used and I cannot re-sell it. Would you want a used talisman? Because used talismans cannot be resold and because, as noted above I cannot guarantee what the effect of talismans will be there are NO REFUNDS, RETURNS OR EXCHANGES FOR TALISMANS, MIRRORS OR PENTACLES. If you buy a talisman, you take the risk of it not working as you wish or hope.
If you are interested in becoming part of the Inner Circle please Contact me.

Types of Astrological Talismans & Amulets


The key to the construction of an astrological talisman or amulet lies in the choice of the astrological factor or factors whose energy or spirit the mage wishes to capture. In traditional Western astrological magic this choice appears to have been task oriented. The client or the mage himself wishes to accomplish a particular result, love, money, success, any of a myriad of possibilities. The mage then selects the most appropriate astrological factor typically choosing either a planet, fixed star, Mansion of the Moon or house based talisman.
The mage must consider the current state of the Heavens for not all talismans or amulets can be made at any particular time. The mage may also, depending on the circumstances, consider the birth chart of the client or subject of the talisman, a horary chart or even the chart of a city or country, in choosing the talisman and the time for its creation. The astrological magician, therefore, must have a good working knowledge of the theory and practice of traditional Electional Astrology. Using the principles of electional astrology, the mage chooses a time when the particular astrological factor is strong and appropriately placed.
Once an appropriate time is chosen, the mage gathers the materials from which the talisman or amulet will be made. Each planet, for example, is associated with a certain metal. As the chosen time the mage creates the talisman. My talismans are all cast from precious metals, but talismans can also be stamped, inscribed or engraven and made in metal, gems, or even on paper or parchment. The effect of gemstone and metal talismans is longer lasting, for as the Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino observes, "gems and metals, though they seem too hard for accepting a celestial influence, nevertheless retain it longer if they receive it." Three Books on Life, Book III, chapter 14. Once again the key is that the talisman must receive its form at the elected time if it is to be efficacious.
After making the talisman with the appropriate signs, sigils, characters, images and designs, as set forth at length in our traditional sources, the mage then consecrates the talisman in a magical ceremony. In one sense this can be seen as charging the talisman with the energy of the chosen astrological factor. At the same time, the consecration can also be seen as the invocation of the spirit ruling or animating the chosen astrological factor who then inhabits or infuses the talisman with its particular powers. The talisman is then worn by the user or placed in a location where the mage wishes the effects of the talisman or amulet to manifest.

Planetary Talismans and Amulets


The most popular form of talismans are the talismans of the seven traditional planets. We also look to the differing Natures of the Planets each of which, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon has a different effect and rules different things and activities in the Material World. I provide example planetary talismans with horoscopes for their creation below. I also provide a Planetary Magic Mini-Course which teaches how to make the traditional talismans of the planets.
We first look at Saturn the Greater Malefic. Saturn, like Mars, the Lesser Malefic, has an energy that is necessary, but often difficult to deal with. He is associated with melancholy and death as well as agriculture, construction, occult studies, solidity and discipline. For much of 2004-2006 Saturn will be in an afflicted state that is inappropriate for talismans. Here is my sole example of a Saturn talisman from the encyclopedic book of astrological magic, Picatrix.
Next is Jupiter the Greater Benefic who is perenially popular being associated with good fortune, prosperity, justice and authority. Here are a number of examples of Jupiter talismans, with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation.

Jupiter Picatrix talisman for success w/judges & officials
Jupiter talisman for prosperity
Jupiter & fixed star Sirius talisman
Jupiter triplicity talisman
Jupiter cazimi talisman & banner
Jupiter talisman for prosperity
Jupiter talisman for prosperity

Next is Mars the Lesser Malefic, who is associated with courage, fortitude, strength, victory as well as war. Here are a number of examples of Mars talismans with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation.

Mars Picatrix talisman for fear & dread
Mars talisman
Mars Picatrix talisman to stop bleeding
Mars Picatrix talisman for power
Mars Picatrix talisman for achievement & great works


Next is the Sun, the Light of the Day, associated with healing, wealth, friendship, nobility, authority. Here are a number of examples of Sun talismans with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation.

Agrippa Sun talisman for fame
Sun talisman for depression
Picatrix Sun talisman
Sun talisman
Mysterium Sigillorum Sun talisman
Sun talisman
Sun in Leo talisman

While these are called talismans of the signs, they are more appropriate termed Sun talismans, because they are prepared when the Sun is in their signs. They come from the The Supreme Mysteries also known as the Archidoxes of Magic attributed to Paracelsus.

Paracelsus' Sun in Libra talisman
Paracelsus' Sun in Scorpio talisman

Next is Venus, the Lesser Benefic, associated with love, friendship, travel, art, music, beauty. Here are a number of examples of Venus talismans, with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation.

Agrippa Venus talisman
Venus/Moon talisman
Venus triplicity talisman
Venus/Moon talisman
Venus Picatrix bird-headed talisman
Venus Taurus talisman
Venus in Libra talisman
Venus & Spica talisman
Venus Picatrix love talisman
Venus in Taurus talisman
Venus love talisman
Venus talisman

Next is Mercury, associated with communication, business, memory, eloquence, learning. Here are a number of examples of Mercury talismans, with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation.

Picatrix Mercury in Virgo talisman
Mercury in Aquarius talisman for occult knowledge
Picatrix Mercury talisman
Hermes Trismegistus election

Next is the Moon, the Light of the Night, associated with travel, messages, communications, divination, and the measured change of all things, their birth, life and death, in the Material World. Here are a number of examples of Moon talismans, with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation.

Agrippa Moon talisman
Moon/Venus talisman
Moon/Venus talisman
Moon rise talisman

Fixed Star Talismans


The Moon
The Moon
Our next type of astrological talismans are the talismans of the Fixed Stars. In Ptolemaic astronomy the fixed stars occupied the eighth sphere just beyond the last planetary sphere of Saturn. The fixed stars were fixed relative to the planets, and played an important role in medieval and Renaissance astrological magic.
One of our most important traditional sources on the fixed stars in astrological magic was Hermes Trismegistus on the 15 fixed stars. This astrological text, which circulated in many manuscript versions in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, lists 15 important fixed stars, their sigil or character, the plants and gems ruled by the star and the effects created by its talisman. Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy also provides very useful Fixed Star Images for astrological talismans.
To make fixed star talismans Cornelius Agrippa advises the mage as follows,

"Now the manner of making these kinds of Rings, is this, viz. when any Star ascends fortunately, with the fortunate aspect, or conjunction of the Moon, we must take a stone, and Hearb that is under that Star, and make a Ring of the Metall that is suitable to this Star, and in it fasten the stone, putting the Hearb, or root under it; not omitting the inscriptions of images, names, and Characters, as also the proper suffumigations"

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book I, chapter 47.
Here are a number of examples of fixed star talismans, with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation.

Talisman of the malefic fixed star Algol
Talisman of the Wing of Corvus for protection from spirits
Talisman of Sirius for honor & good will
Talisman of onyx & Kappa Bootes from
the Lapidary of King Alphonso

Talisman of Aldebaran for riches & honor
Talisman of Sirius
Talisman of Procyon for health
Talisman of Antares for Memory &
Protection from Evil Spirits

Talisman of the fixed star
Talisman of Spica for riches & peace
Talisman of Regulus for temperance & favor
Talisman of Regulus for temperance & favor

Talismans of the Mansions of the Moon


The next type of astrological talismans are the talismans of the Mansions of the Moon. Just as the Sun in his yearly orbit passes through the fixed stars that make up the constellations of the Zodiac, so too the Moon, in her monthly orbit passes through the fixed stars that make up the Mansions of the Moon.
Our key source for information on the talismans of the Mansions of the Moon is Picatrix, an encyclopedic text of Arabic astrological magic. Here is a complete listing of the Picatrix Lunar Mansion talismans, with their images, incense, ritual, talismans and effects. I offer a Mansions of the Moon Mini-Course which teaches how to make traditional lunar mansions talismans. Below are examples of talismans of the Mansions of the Moon with actual horoscopes appropriate for their creation.

15th Mansion talisman for friendship
11th Mansion talisman for respect
6th Mansion talisman for love
13th Mansion talisman for love
17th Mansion anti-theft talisman
25th Mansion ecological talisman
3rd Mansion talisman for good things
5th Mansion talisman for favor from kings and divinatory dreams
16th Mansion talisman for prosperity
11th & 12th Mansion talismans for power & victory
26th Mansion love talisman
13th Mansion love & sex talisman

House Based Full Chart Talismans


The most sophisticated talismans are not based on a single astrological factor, but work with the entire repertoire of traditional Electional Astrology. The primary method in elections, choices of astrologically auspicious times to take action, is to look to the appropriate ruler of the 12 astrological houses which govern all areas of life. House based talismans, therefore, use a much more complex methodology, looking to the essential dignity of the appropriate house rulers, their aspects and other factors.
The key texts for these complex house based talismans are Picatrix and De Imaginibus "On Images" by the Harranian Sabian sage Thabit Ibn Qurra. These texts represent the height of astrological magic technique and can include such subtleties as tuning the talisman election to the natal chart of the user or person whom the mage seeks to effect, tuning the election to a horary chart asked about the mage's objective and dual talismans whose elections have been adjusted to each other. Here are examples of talismans with actual charts appropriate for their creation.

Picatrix Double Love Talismans
Picatrix Talisman for Destruction
Picatrix City Improvement Talisman
Picatrix Trade & Wealth Talisman
Picatrix Power & Dignity Talisman
Picatrix Kingly Favor Talisman
Picatrix Sympathetic Master Talisman
Picatrix Double Marriage Talismans
Picatrix Business Talisman
De Imaginibus Pest Control Talisman
Picatrix Prisoner Release Talisman
De Imaginibus Wealth Talisman
De Imaginibus Personalized Talisman


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