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Astrological Chart of the Week
Christopher Warnock, Esq.
Current Astrological Chart
For August 2005

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Chart for September, 2005:
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Medieval Jupiter Sleeping

Talisman of



Prosperity & Good Fortune

The current astrological chart is a talisman of Jupiter for prosperity and good fortune. It is really no wonder that Jupiter is the favorite planent for talismans.
The English astrologer William Lilly says that Jupiter, when well dignified, signifies,

Table of Jupiter
"...Then is he Magnanimous, Faithfull, Bashfull, Aspiring in an honourable way at high matters, in all his actions a Lover of fair Dealing, desiring to benefit all men, doing Glorious things, Honourable and Religious, of sweet and affable Conversation, wonderfully indulgent to his Wife and Children, reverencing Aged men, a great Reliever of the Poor, full of Charity and Godlinesse, Liberal, hating all Sordid actions, Just, Wife, Prudent, Thankfull, Vertuous..."

Christian Astrology, page 62.
The Renaissance mage Cornelius Agrippa says that a talisman of Jupiter,

"[C]onduceth to gain, and riches, favor, and love, peace, and concord, and to appease enemies, to confirm honors, dignities, and counsels..."

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Bk II, Chapter 22.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

The elected time and date is 2:22 pm, EDT on September 22, 2005 for Cleveland Park, a neighborhood of Washington, D.C. 38 N 56 77 W 03.
At this time Jupiter culminates as he is conjunct the Midheaven. It is the planetary hour of Jupiter as well as being his day (Thursday).
Jupiter is dignified by face and by being the mixed day/night ruler of the airy triplicity in an air sign.
One of the most interesting facets of astrological magic is that it not only allows us to achieve practical results but also aids our progress towards Hermetic Gnosis. The more adept we are at penetrating into the nature of the various planets and their spirits, intelligences and angels, the more effective our magic is and the more spiritual progress we can make.
Of course, those who are naturally attuned to Jupiter, given his dignity and placement in their natal charts have a distinct advantage in contacting, understanding and making use of his influences.

But the wise men who have described their workings in this science as given above have through the work we have just given and who have spoken to Jupiter as we have just declared, because the virtue and power of the spirit of Jupiter has empowered (lit, "reached") them, and all their requests were completed throughout the world, and through the whole circle of the year they were maintained in health and sound of body, free from all detriment and infirmity, and they were surrounded by men who were obedient, and all that they proposed to accomplish was accomplished swiftly, with effect and diligently, and these men received good from the whole universe, and [it will be] best if [the magician] has Jupiter strongly placed in his nativity."

Picatrix Bk III, ch. 7, (translated by Robert Thomas)
Certainly, regardless of our natal placements, we are aided in understanding of the natures of the planets by the contemplation of their images. Here are, for example, images of Jupiter from Giordano Bruno.
Copyright 2004 Nigel Jackson
First Image of Jove: A Nobleman upon a chariot drawn by a Dragon with an Arrow in his right hand which he hurls at the Dragon's head.
Second Image of Jove: A Man seated in a sedan chair borne by four Winged Youths leaning on leafing staves of Beech.
Third is one having the head of a Ram, seated upon a Wheel and bearing in his hands a Vessel of Balsam.
Fourth is one having the head of a Lion and the feet of an Eagle, an Oaken Bough in his right hand, before whom move two youths of most beautiful appearance dressed in white.
Fifth: One seated upon an Eagle, his dress adorned with Emeralds, a Crown of Hyacinths upon his head and a Sceptre in his hand.
Sixth: A Crowned man riding upon a Dragon, dressed in saffron vestments and carrying an Olive-stave in his right hand.
Seventh: One Crowned with raised hands joined together as if in imprecation, his vestments of Sky-Blue besprinkled with Golden Stars.
Translated by Nigel Jackson. Here is a complete translation of Bruno's planetary images.
Here is further information on Astrological Talismans and Astrological Magic.
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