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Here is an example of the of a Full Natal Reading birth chart reading using traditional astrological methods to illuminate lifelong patterns, both positive and negative. The Full Natal Reading includes a "traditional" psychological reading and looks at temperament, income, children, health, relationships and marriage, spirituality, career, friends and secret enemies and curses. The Full Natal Reading includes your unique GUARDIAN ANGEL/BIRTH SPIRIT NAME and the degree image of your rising degree from Johannes Angelus as well as talisman compatibility prescription!

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example chart

Birth data: 11:51 pm MST September 17, 1936 Boise, ID

The Name of Guardian Angel/Time Spirit is TUTRQ or Tutaraq.

The rising degree is 7 degrees 15 minutes of Cancer, the 8th degree of Cancer "A woman stands hidden behind a house" from Johannes Angelus Astrological Optics.

Mars Rising Decree Image-8th Degree Cancer

"Traditional" Personality Analysis

Astrological Factors Considered

Sun Virgo, Moon Libra, Mercury Libra retrograde, Cancer rising, Venus Libra, Mars Leo, Jupiter Sagittarius, Saturn Pisces retrograde.


3 planets in air, Moon/Mercury/Venus Libra, 2 planets in fire Mars Leo, Jupiter Sagittarius, 1 planet in earth Sun Virgo, 1 planet in water, Saturn Pisces.

Air focus, mix of dignified and afflicted planets, good for reason, objectivity, can be emotionally distant, even cold. Secondary focus in fire, mix of unafflicted and dignified planets, good for energy, enthusiasm, some anger and dominance seeking. 1 planet in earth unafflicted, good for grounding, practicality, 1 planet in water afflicted, strong negative emotions, judgment clouded by emotions.

Sun (basic personality) Virgo careful, precise, organized, hard working, pragmatic, detail oriented, picky, fussy, critical of others and self, conventional, rule bound.

Moon (emotions) Mercury (thought) retrograde Venus (relationships Libra fair, balanced, diplomatic, rational, reasonable, artistic, intelligent, tasteful, can take a long time to make up mind, must weigh decisions carefully, constantly changing mind, bad decisions due to indecision, can't entirely trust thinking, good at socializing, small talk, friendly, but a bit emotionally distant in relationships, stays on surface, may not have close friends.

Mars (drive, anger) Leo stubborn, determined, fiery, intense, angry, dominating, aggressive, generous, noble, strong.

Jupiter (group social relations, finances) Sagittarius excellent finances, generous, of service to others and to community, optimistic.

Saturn (judgment) retrograde Pisces constnatly changing mind, second guessing self and others, difficulty focusing at times, bad judgment due to strong negative emotions, very emotional.


Astrological Factors Considered

Ascendant sign = Cancer = cold and moist

No planets in Ascendant or making partile aspects to Ascendant

Moon = hot and moist
Planets aspecting Moon
Mars oriental = hot and dry
Mercury occidental = dry
Venus occidental = moist
Jupiter occidental = moist

Sun in Virgo = hot and dry

Lord of Geniture = Jupiter occidental = moist & Venus occidental = moist

cold = 1 moist = 6 hot = 3 dry = 3


Sanguine with touch of choleric, "Sanguine temperament shows men or persons cheerful, liberal, faithful, affable, peacemakers, open hearted, modest, religious... Choleric people are full of anger, quarrelsome, revengeful, ambitious, importunate, imperious, hardy, rash, involving themselves in unnecessary troubles, seditious, many times ingenious and easily changing their opinions." Christian Astrology, 539.


Astrological Factors Considered

Ruler of the 2nd is Moon, who is peregrine in the 5th, but conjunct the very benefic fixed star Spica.

Jupiter is dignified by sign and triplicity, in the 6th house.

Part of Fortune is in the 12th house, ruled by Mercury, who is dignified by triplicity, but retrograde in the 3rd house.

Water sign on 2nd, 0-25 years finances ruled by Mars, mediocre, 25-50 years finances ruled by Venus, excellent, 50+ years finances ruled by Moon, lucky.

Excellent upper middle class income.

Significant profits from career and job, Jupiter ruler of 10th, losses from job, Saturn retrograde in 10th squares Jupiter, native forced to resign from high government position. Jupiter in 6th, Part of Fortune in 12th native suffers from stress, illness over money.

5th house emphasis, Zoller notes that 5th house can indicate own business, which native eventually had after leaving government. Moon significator of 50+ finance in 5th, and native had own business during this time.

Very noticeable positive effects of fixed star Spica. Native quite comfortable in 50+ finances, though Moon is peregrine, she is conjunct Spica.


Astrological Factors Considered

Fertile sign rising

More fertile than barren sign on 5th

Ruler of the 5th fertile planet, in more fertile than barren sign, in the 5th

Mercury, dignified by triplicity, retrograde in 5th

Moon, in more fertile than barren sign, conjunct Spica, in 5th


Initially prospect of children looks positive, however, Lilly notes that if Venus is, " any commutive dignity of Saturn, viz he in her term, she in his term...argues barrenness to men" Christian Astrology, 604. Here Venus is in the exaltation of Saturn, and Saturn in the exaltation of Venus and the native had no children of his own.


Astrological Factors Considered

Ascendant sign Cancer and ruler the Moon, peregrine in Libra in the 5th

Sun peregrine in Virgo in the 4th

Sagittarius on 6th house cusp, Jupiter, dignified by sign in 6th square Saturn


Somewhat weak constitution, but generally healthy. "Lucky" with health issues. Subject to nervousness, stress, allergies and other respiratory problems, migraines, fevers, inflammatory conditions, circulatory and heart problems.


Astrological Factors Considered

More barren than fertile sign on 7th

Saturn, ruler of the 7th in fertile sign, retrograde, peregrine, angular

Moon, in more fertile than barren sign, succedent, in 5th, applies to sextile Mars

Venus, dignified by sign in more fertile than barren sign, in 5th,

Part of Marriage, 5 Aquarius, in 8th house ruled by Saturn,


Marries in youth, to good, decent and appropriate woman, nevertheless, some problems and difficulties flow from the marriage. One wife. Wife is not wealthy, emotional, recurrent bouts of depression. Gets along well with wife, though she is somewhat argumentative, proud and "will endure no affronts or injuries" Christian Astrology, 594. Indications are that his wife dies after him, though not much after, though both are still living at the moment.


Astrological Factors Considered

Ruler of the 9th house Saturn, peregrine and retrograde, square Jupiter, oppose Sun

Jupiter, natural ruler of spirituality, well dignified

Part of Spirit 4 Leo 2nd house

Part of Faith 13 Cancer, 1st house

Pars Hyleg 7 Leo, 2nd house

Mars, peregrine in the 3rd house


Conventional, traditional in religious practices, humanitarian, liberal, generous, outwardly religious, inwardly doubtful, basic spiritual orientation materialistic/atheistic.


Astrological Factors Considered

Pisces on the 10th

Jupiter, ruler of the 10th, dignified by sign and triplicity, in 6th house

Saturn, peregrine, retrograde in 10th

Mars, career significator according to Lilly's rules Christian Astrology, 625, trine Jupiter, sextile Venus, Mercury.


Career in engineering, manufacturing, carpentry, painting, administration, white collar. Quite successful and profitable, loses high position. Native trained as civil engineer, entered government, advanced to high state level, forced to resign unfairly in political in-fighting, then had own successful manufacturing business.


Astrological Factors Considered

Ruler of 11th house Mars in 3rd house, moveable sign on 11th house.


Gets on reasonable well with friends, but doesn't have many. Friends tend to changeable and somewhat quarrelsome. Friends are results of business. Social relations tend to be with family and siblings.

Curses and Secret Enemies

Astrological Factors Considered

Mercury, ruler of 12th house dignified by triplicity, in 5th house.


Family and children are secretly enemies. Enemies are not particularly powerful and waver in their opposition. Sometimes overcome enemies and sometimes they overcome. Suffers stress and affliction due to enemies. Not particularly subject to curses, suffers from ill-wishing of family.

Talismanic Suggestions

The fixed star Spica talisman is highly recommended as the very benefic fixed star Spica is very well placed and associated with finances in this chart.

A talisman of Jupiter is highly recommended as Jupiter is also well dignified in this chart and the natural ruler of wealth and good fortune.

A talisman of Venus is also recommended as Venus is well dignified in this chart and the natural ruler of love and friendship.

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