Full Natal Reading

Exhaustive Birth Chart Analysis

full natal reading reading

The Full Natal Reading provides an exhaustive analysis of your unique birth chart using the incredible precision and accuracy of traditional astrology as well as my unique "traditional" psychological reading. A full natal reading gives an in depth look at many facets of your life and your life long patterns of fate. The Full Natal Reading includes your unique GUARDIAN ANGEL/BIRTH SPIRIT NAME and the degree image of your rising degree from Johannes Angelus.

Check out the Full Natal Reading Example and Order a Full Natal Reading.

What is the Full Natal Reading?


The Full Natal Reading uses the techniques of traditional astrology, as exemplified by the natal astrology of William Lilly and Guido Bonatti, to give a complete picture of your life long patterns and cycles. Here is an Example Full Natal Reading.

The Full Natal Reading looks at temperament (choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholic), manners, wit & understanding, income & profit, children, health, relationships & romance, spirituality, career, friends, secret enemies & curses. The Full Natal Reading also includes a unique "traditional" psychological reading. If desired the Full Natal Reading can also indicate the manner of death.

The Full Natal Reading also includes the name of your personal guardian angel/time spirit as determined using Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy Book III, chapter 26. This method uses the unique placement of planets in your birth chart to determine your Guardian Angel/Time Lord name, invaluable for magical and talismanic conjuration. Read more about Guardian Angels and Astrological Time Lords.

The Full Natal Reading also includes a color degree image from Johannes Angelus' Astrological Optics as determined by the degree of your Ascendant.

The Full Natal Reading also includes a talismanic prescription explaining which Astrological Talismans are compatible with your birth chart. In addition, because the Heavens are not always propitious for all talismans and to ease the effects of malefic planets planetary ritual work, meditation and visualization as well as planetary charity can also be prescribed.

What Do I Need for a Full Natal Reading?


To get a Full Natal Reading you need your time, date and location (city, state or city, country) of birth. Ideally we would use the exact time but within 15 minutes is still pretty accurate. "Around 9 pm" is fine so long as you realize this may give us a less accurate result. "Sometime in the morning" is too broad, we need a specific time. I am happy to use a rectified time, but I do not do rectification and do not have anyone to recommend to do rectification. If you have any questions please Contact before ordering.

You can order a Full Natal Reading on the the Payment Page. Once you order then send me an email me with your time, date and location (city, state or city, country). Please use the format "February 1, 1990" for the date rather than an abbreviation to avoid confusion.

I will then cast your birth chart, write a detailed analysis and send you the written reading by email. After you receive the written reading I am then available for a brief discussion of the reading.

How Do I Order the Full Natal Reading?

The Full Natal Reading is $299.95. To order please follow the Payment Page Link. Please Contact me for further order information. Please take a look at the Full Natal Reading Example before ordering so you are familiar with what this reading provides.

Further Questions

If you have any additional questions about the Full Natal Reading please Contact me.

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