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This Art is called Magic...[It] is not easy to understand, and it is hidden from the simpleminded.
Magic is a divine power, affecting by original causes...


The Four Books of the Latin Picatrix
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The Picatrix or Ghayat al Hakim, the Aim of the Wise, is one of the most important books ever written on astrological magic. Composed in Arabic in Andalusia around 1000 A.D., the Picatrix is an encyclopedic work, considerably larger than most other medieval grimoires or books of magic. It was translated into Latin in 1256 for the Castilian king Alfonso the Wise.
Picatrix is a strange mixture of the most exalted philosophy and the crassly material, explanations of the nature of the One and "confections" composed of blood, brains and urine. We can, however, clearly perceive the influence of the Harranian Sabians, who pursued their worship of the astral deities and the tradition of Hermetic philosophy well into the Middle Ages. The Harranians added much to the astrology of the advanced Islamic civilization which flourished between 800-1400 A.D., and produced such well known astrologers as Thabit Ibn Qurra, Al-Sufi and the alchemist, Jabir ibn Hayyyan, known to the West as Geber. Here is a Picatrix Video.
Picatrix is a compilation of many earlier works and represents, along with De Imaginibus "On Images" of Thabit Ibn Qurra, the height of astrological magic in terms of complexity and scope. Picatrix explains not only how to create and ensoul magical statues and talismans, but even speaks of whole cities constructed using the principles of astrological magic. This combination of practical application and theoretical rigor made Picatrix a key source for Renaissance mages like Cornelius Agrippa and Marsilio Ficino. You can read a scholarly account of the importance of Picatrix by Eugenio Garin.
A complete English translation by John Michael Greer and Christopher Warnockof the Latin Picatrix is available in 7 paperback and hardcover editions.
  • Liber Atratus this is the paperback 6"x9" "standard edition" also available as an Amazon paperback and Amazon Kindle versions. Gothic woodblock font, basic Picatrix sigil images. Amazon List price $39.95, only $26.21 plus shipping direct from the printer. More information here.

  • Illustrated Picatrix, this is a hardcover 6"x9" edition of the Liber Atratus with Gothic woodblock capitals and basic Picatrix sigil images, but adding black and white illustrations of the 7 planets, 12 signs, 28 Mansions of the Moon and 36 decan/faces. Amazon list price $59.95 only $41.97 plus shipping direct from the printer. More information here.

    Explaining 7
    Picatrix Editions
  • Liber Viridis, Green Magic edition, available both as paperback and hardcover 6"x9" editions. Renaissance Italic fonts, basic Picatrix sigil images, Green Magic index. Paperback $25.95 and Hardcover $44.95, both plus shipping direct from the printer. More information here.

  • Liber Rubeus, paperback 6"x9" edition, only initiated under the 5th Mansion of the Moon. Gothic woodblock font, basic Picatrix sigil images, includes a sanguinary account of the creation of a divinatory head from the Arabic Picatrix. $39.95 plus shipping. More information here.

  • Liber Rubeus Illustrated, hardcover 6"x9" edition, only initiated under the 5th Mansion of the Moon. Gothic woodblock font, basic Picatrix sigil images, includes a sanguinary account of the creation of a divinatory head from the Arabic Picatrix adding black and white illustrations of the 7 planets, 12 signs, 28 Mansions of the Moon and 36 decan/faces. $69.95 plus shipping. More information here.

  • Illustrated Color Picatrix DELUXE 8.5"x10.25" hardcover edition. Over 100 illustrations with amazing color illustrations of the 7 planets, 12 signs and 28 Mansions of the Moon. Rubricated Gothic capitals, basic Picatrix sigil images. Individual dedication page. Seven separate planetary consecrations available! Deluxe Color Picatrix $225 plus shipping. Deluxe Color Picatrix + 7 planetary consecrations, $350 plus shipping. More information here.

The Astrological Magic Course comes with a free paperback copy of Picatrix and is the best way to master the complex magic of Picatrix. The course teaches all of the necessary knowledge of traditional astrology and astrological talismans to make hundreds of different astrological talismans. Many of the authentic talismans currently available at the Renaissance Astrology website were made using the recipes in Picatrix.


The Four Books of the Latin Picatrix

A table of contents for the Latin Picatrix appears at page lxxi of David Pingree's edition, "The Book of the most wise and most skilled philosopher Picatrix" This work is divided into four parts or books:

Of the heavens and the effects they cause through images made under them

Arabic Decan Image of Jupiter
Chapter 1. Of the science of understanding in what degree you are
Chapter 2. What is magic and what are its properties
Chapter 3. What are the heavens and of what are they made
Chapter 4. Of the kinds, properties, and composition of the heavens needed to make images of the Mansions of the Moon
Chapter 5. Of examples of what has been proposed, and of those things we need to make images
Chapter 6. In what degree is the microcosm, and how it is assimilated to the macrocosm
Chapter 7. In what degree anything in the world is, and of many other profound things hidden by the wise that we propose to reveal in this book

Of the figures of the heavens in general, and of the general motion of the sphere, and of their effects in this world

Arabic Image of Sagittarius
Chapter 1. How it is possible to learn this science
Chapter 2. Of the figures of the heavens and their secrets
Chapter 3. Of the works of the planets, the sun, and the moon
Chapter 4. Of the general motion of the sphere and the fixed stars
Chapter 5. Of the division of this science among peoples, and how different peoples possess different parts of it
Chapter 6. Of the power of images, and in what manner it can be had, and how images are able to receive the power of the planets, and this is the root of science and images
Chapter 7. Of how to work dialectically with these secrets of images, and what part this ought to have in this science
Chapter 8. Of the order of natural things, and how you ought to enter upon this science
Chapter 9. Of examples of figures, and the forms of imagery that call down the help of the planets
Chapter 10. Of the stones appropriate for each planet, and of the making of figures of them, and of the figures of the planets
Chapter 11. Of the figures of the faces of the signs and their effects
Chapter 12. Of the figures and degrees of the signs and their effects according to the opinion of the Hindus, and how this follows from the contemplations of this science, and in what manner spirits of the upper realms are attracted by the virtues of bodies, according to the opinion of those who have notable secrets

Of the properties of the planets and signs, and of their figures and forms made in their colors, and how one may speak with the spirits of the planets, and of many other magical workings

Arabic Image of Capricorn
Chapter 1. Of the parts of the planets that proceed into plants, animals, minerals, and many other things, being an explanation of the virtues of the planets and of doing what you wish by their seals
Chapter 2. Of the parts of the signs in the aforesaid three existences (that is, plants, animals, and minerals) so that each sign has its properties in things, first of Aries, and then of the other signs
Chapter 3. Of the figures, colors, garments, and incenses of the planets, as well as of making their tinctures
Chapter 4. How secrets that are hidden in this science can be understood from familiar things
Chapter 5. Of the demonstration of the proper virtues in animals and noble things necessary in this science, and how the spirits of the planets are attracted by figures and incenses
Chapter 6. Of the magistery of attracting the spirits of the planets by natural things, and how it is that an image of this kind can have this power
Chapter 7. Of attracting the powers of the planets, and how it is possible to speak with them, and how this is done for each planet, including the figures, offerings, prayers, incenses, proportions, and state of the heavens necessary for each planet
Chapter 8. Of the kind of prayer prayed by Neptinus to the Sun and Saturn, and how he conversed with them and their spirits and the effects he brought about
Chapter 9. How to attract the powers of each planet and the powers of their spirits, naming them according to their parts, as well as how to accomplish this by speaking their names
Chapter 10. Of examples of confections of the spirits of the planets, and of averting harmful workings, and magic of miraculous effect, and the foods, incense, unguents, and perfumes that ought to be used to work by the spirits of the seven planets, and the proper effects of the planets, and of workings that are worked only by sight
Chapter 11. Of the effects of images in diverse things, and of altering appearances so that things seem to be other than they are, and also of how to poison by sleep, gaze, or work, and of their remedies
Chapter 12. Of the rules necessary in this science

Of the properties of spirits, and of those things that are necessary to observe in this most excellent art, and how they may be summoned with images, suffumigations and other things

Arabic Image of Scorpio
Chapter 1. Whence the power and strength of spirits proceeds, and what the properties, bodies, senses, intellects, and souls of spirits are, as well as what differences are among them
Chapter 2. How the vigor of the spirit of the Moon is drawn into things here below, and by which the seven planets ought to be invoked
Chapter 3. In which is said what the Chaldeans believed about the profundities or secrets of this science, and what was taught by them
Chapter 4. Of the images and reasonings that greatly help this science
Chapter 5. What are the ten sciences that are necessary to this art, and how by them this science is assisted, and what the root of the science of magic is Chapter 6. How incenses of the stars ought to be made, and certain compounds needed in this science
Chapter 7. Of those things of the art of magic that were found in the book Nabataean Agriculture that Abudaer Abemiaxie translated into Arabic from the Chaldean tongue
Chapter 8. Of images possessing miraculous virtues, that were discovered in a book that was found in the temple of Coredib and in the book of Queen Folopedia, and also concerning some corrections necessary in working with images

Translation by John Michael Greer


Translations & Example Talismans from Picatrix

Arabic Decan Image of Saturn
There are a large number of translations and talismans from Picatrix on the Renaissance Astrology web site. There are two lengthy translations by Robert Thomas, a noted ceremonial magician, at Astrology, Magical Talismans & Mansions of the Moon in Picatrix, Listing of the Mansions of the Moon in Picatrix and 22 Benefic Talismans from Picatrix as well as 55 astrological magic aphorisms translated by Jose Manuel Redondo Ornelas and my translation of Extracts on the Moon, Mercury Invocations from Picatrix and Jupiter Ritual from Picatrix.
In addition, there are over 30 actual examples of astrological elections for talismans, including horoscopes for the making of the talismans and translations from Picatrix, including a 1st Face of Virgo for Growth, as well as the Sun Talisman for Depression, a talisman for Reconciliation with your Mother or Boss, an Image for Success with Judges & Bureaucrats, the Frightening Talisman of Mars, the Double Love Talismans, the Nigel Jackson Bird Headed Venus Image, the Picatrix Bk I, Ch 5 Destruction Talisman, the Picatrix Bk I, Ch. 5 Love Talisman, the Venus in Libra Talisman, Double Marriage Talismans, Venus Bk II, Ch. 10 Talisman, 3rd Face of Aries Talisman, Bk II, Ch.5 Business Success Talisman, 2nd Face of Leo Talisman, Saturn Drinking Talisman, Mercury Talisman, Mars Talisman, Prisoner Release Talisman, Moon Talisman, Mars Talisman. Magic Mirror.
There are also examples of talismans using the Mansions of the Moon from Picatrix: 15th Lunar Mansion for Friendship and R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as well as the 6th Mansion Love Talisman, the Anti-Theft 17th Lunar Mansion, the 13th Mansion Love Talismans, and the the 26th Lunar Mansion Love Talisman , the 3rd Mansion prosperity talisman, the 5th Mansion dream talisman, the 11th & 12th mansion talismans, the 16th mansion prosperity talisman, the 26th Mansion Love Talisman.



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