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Here is an example of the Mage's Reading which is designed to use the precision and accuracy of traditional astrology for the mage, magician and esoteric worker to pinpoint your magical strengths and weaknesses and assist you in finding your magical path. By a close reading of your birthchart, the Mage's Reading reveals your magical past, present and future. The Mage's Reading includes your unique GUARDIAN ANGEL/BIRTH SPIRIT NAME and the degree image of your rising degree from Johannes Angelus.
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Birth data: 2:31 pm ACST April 12, 1958 Darwin Australia

Rising Degree Image from Johannes Angelus Astrological Optics

9 Leo 30, the 10th degree of Leo, "A figure with a scythe"

The rising degree image can be used to personalize talismans and as a part of your ritual invocation and magical work.

Name of Guardian Angel/Spirit

English Name of Guardian Angel/Spirit is VTZBL or Vitzubal

Hebrew Name of Guardian Angel/Spirit is Tav Resh Resh Yod Tsadi

The Guardian Angel/Spirit can be used in the beginning of your ritual work to help your connection with the spiritual realm. There are also much more significant rituals that can be used to contact the Guardian Angel, including the Abramelin work set forth in the Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Sage.

Overall Indications - Astrological Factors Considered

Sun Aries, Moon Aquarius, Leo rising, Mercury retrograde in Aries, Mars Aquarius, Uranus rising

9th house, house of god, benefic spirituality

Ruler of the 9th house Mars, peregrine 9th house, conjunct Moon, sextile Mercury, Sun & Saturn, trine Jupiter

Sun exalted dignified by triplicity 9th house, conjunct Mercury, sextile Mars, opposed Jupiter, trine Saturn

Mercury combust, retrograde 9th house, square Moon, sextile Venus & Mars, opposed Jupiter, trine Saturn

Almuten figuris Saturn

Pars Hyleg 2 Sagittarius conjunct 5th cusp

3rd house, house of goddess, alternative spirituality

Astrological Factors Considered

Ruler of 3rd house Venus, exalted, dignified by triplicity conjunct 8th cusp, sextile Mercury and Saturn, trine Jupiter

Jupiter dignified by triplicity and face, retrograde 3rd house, square Moon, opposed Mercury & Sun, trine Venus and Mars, sextile Mars.

12th house, malefic spirituality

Astrological Factors Considered

Moon, ruler of the 12th house, peregrine, conjunct 7th cusp, square Mercury & Jupiter, conjunct Mars


Selfish and altruistic, full of ideas, friendly, extroverted, energetic, can be stubborn, exceptionally individualistic, idealistic, aggressive, sharp, analytical, progressive, dramatic. Bad judgment at times, thinking gets tied up with emotion, particularly when excited or stressed, changes mind

Strong magical potential, spiritual is key part of life and personality, ties all other parts of personality together, energy, enthusiasm, capacity for spiritual leadership, ability to lead and inspire others. Problems with overenthusiasm, lack of judgment at times. Agrippa says Mars ruling the 9th, the person rules the spirits, indications of talent for ceremonial magic and invocation. Magical path involves deep esoteric wisdom, always changing and refining magical path and practices, may have trouble sticking to one path long enough for mastery. Have drive, enthusiasm and will for magic and spiritual practices, but loves novelty, gives up too easily or enthusiasm lags. Need to overcome stop and start approach to magic and magical work. Strong divinatory sense, talent for prediction, intuitive knowledge, need to trust intuition and be able to separate it from surface knowledge and strong emotion. Spiritual life involves idealism, activism and independence of thought and action, service to others and to humanity.

Interest in and talent for alternative spirituality, mystic union with divine, strong emotional connection and sympathy for others, compassion and empathy, love of arts, music, literature, problems with being distracted from spiritual life by focus on pleasure or on own selfish interests, again very changeable in spiritual path and spiritual practices, may have difficulty focusing and mastering particular areas.

Not many secret enemies, who are not that powerful, some problems with malefic spiritual attack from open enemies and from romantic partners/spouses. Some problems with depression and negative emotions, stress, anxiety, especially if over tired, generally enthused but can get depressed if idealism thwarted or plans don't work as hoped. Life is full of sudden, unexpected events, and sudden changes. Need to be ready for lots of change.

Talismanic Prescription

Strongest planet in chart Venus, natural ruler of love, friendship, arts,

Sun very strong, natural ruler of authority, promotion, success, health and co-rules wealth

Saturn well dignified, but retrograde, ruler of long life, wisdom, discipline and focus, talisman can assist with smoothing out problems in these areas

Jupiter well dignified but retrograde, ruler of wealth, good fortune talisman can assist with smoothing out problems in these areas

Recommend protection talisman, Alkaid, good for spiritual protection and guidance

Also Algol, strongest spiritual protection talisman

Further Questions


If you have any additional questions about the Mage's Reading please Contact me. If you would like to learn more about traditional astrology and astrological magic you may also find my Astrological Magic Full Course or Lunar Mansions Mini-Course and discussion group, Spiritus Mundi to be of interest.


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