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Jupiter Ritual from Picatrix
Example Election

The Picatrix or Ghayat al Hikam, the Aim of the Wise, was composed in Arabic in Andalusia around A.D. 1000 and is a compilation of many earlier books on astrology and magic. The Picatrix was translated into Latin in A.D. 1256 at the court of Alphonso the Wise in Castile. It was the most important text on astrological magic in medieval and Renaissance Europe, but because of its reputation for evil magic, it was never published until modern times and circulated only in manuscript form. Despite its unsavory reputation it gives a complete philosphical underpinning for astrological magic relying on Hermetic and Neoplatonic philosophy.

The Picatrix

Book III, Chapter 9


translated by Christopher Warnock, Esq.

When you wish to work through Jupiter, work in the day of Jupiter [Thursday], with the Sun in Sagittarius or Pisces and the Moon in the head of Aries (because this is the exaltation of the Sun). And prepare a clean and bright house, a cauldron and a good and rich cloth and the house should be suitable to the work.
Medieval Feast
Hold in your hand a dish with a mixture of honey, butter, nut oil, sugar [and make the mixture] smooth and liquid and make a pastry of flour, butter, milk, sugar and the most delicate saffron and make more than you are able to eat.
And in your house at the head of a large table place above [the table] a strong tripod and put before it a censor composed of the metal of Jupiter [traditionally tin].
And on the table place musk, camphor, lignum aloes and other good smelling things and civet and similar things. And mix one [measure?] of mastic with the pie and bring about a mixture of the wet and dry.
And in the middle of the table place a large lit candle and behind the candle place a pomegranate and cook and broil the flesh of a ram, a chicken and a pigeon and fill the dish full and at the head [of the table] pour a jug full of wine and place a clear vessel.
And above the table place a branch of myrtle and as we have said before, suffumigate mastic and lignum aloes at the head of the table and suffumigate mastic in the other parts of the house and no one should be in the house besides yourself.
And say, "Demuez, Armez, Ceylez, Mahaz, Erdaz, Tamyz, Feruz, Dyndez, Afrayuz, Tayhaciedez." These are the all of the names of the spirits of Jupiter in six parts of Heaven. The interpretation of the name Afriduz and the others following is, "Come and enter all of you spirits of Jupiter and smell the perfumes and eat from this dish and do as you wish" and say the preceding 7 times.
Medieval Feast
Afterwards go out of your house and stand quiet for [a time, an hour is a possible translation, which may not be practical]. Then enter your house and make the previous prayer again and after doing the work 5 times on the 6th time after you have made the aforementioned prayer then spirits will come in beautiful forms wearing ornate garments and they will receive your petition and the desire that you have waited for will be recorded and your knowledge and understanding will be assisted and the power of the spirits will defend and protect you.
When this order is complete, call together friends and associates and prepare food and eat and drink together and perfume with perfumes and suffumigate with suffumigations.
This is the true prayer of the planets that the Roman wise men were accustomed to make during the year, specifically for Jupiter.

Example Election

The Picatrix states that the above ritual should be done, "in the day of Jupiter [Thursday], with the Sun in Sagittarius or Pisces and the Moon in the head of Aries (because this is the exaltation of the Sun)." Picatrix Bk III, ch. 9. An example election appears below.

Chart produced by Solar Fire 5

We have the Sun in Sagittarius, the Moon in Aries and it is Jupiter day. As a bonus it is the planetary hour of Jupiter as well.
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