Bronze Picatrix Venus Three Graces Talisman

for Love, Grace & Beauty, Good Fortune & Profit

Venus Talisman Talisman Front


Renaissance Astrology is pleased to present authentic bronze Picatrix Three Graces talismans of Venus for love, grace & beauty, good fortune & profit. The Renaissance mage Cornelius Agrippa says that the talisman of Venus,

"[P]rocureth concord, endeth strife, procureth the love of women [and men], conduceth to conception, is good against barreness, causeth ability for generation, dissolves enchantments, and causeth peace between men and women..."

Cornelius Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy Bk. II, Chapter 22

On the front of the talisman is the image of Venus from Picatrix, "If, under the influence of Venus, you make an image of three people holding each other, in the hour of Venus...whoever carries this image will be fortunate and gain profit from merchandise. " Picatrix, Bk II, ch 10, Greer & Warnock trans.

Following the Picatrix description the talisman image is of the Three Graces from the Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli's Primavera ("Spring"). Scholars have credited the Renaissance philosopher and astrological magician Marsilio Ficino with assisting Botticelli with the meaning and philosphy that underpins the painting. The Three Graces are Greek goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, goodwill, and growth. Traditionally their names are given as Aglaea ("Shining"), Euphrosyne ("Joy"), and Thalia ("Blooming").

Venus Talisman Back
Botticelli Three Graces

Turning to the back of the talismans we see in the very middle the the seal of Venus. Below in the middle to left is the character of the Intelligence of Venus, Hagiel. Below in the middle to right is the the standard astrological symbol of Venus.

Around the edge are the goals of the talisman: love, grace & beauty, good fortune & profit.

Note that there is a typo with regard to the sign and essential dignity, these are Venus in Pisces +9 talismans, while the back says Libra +7. This does not affect the magical power of the talismans.

Venus Talisman Back
Talisman Back

Venus chart

The Venus talismans were were created with the conditions shown on this chart at 9:17 am, April 7, 2022 in Islamabad, Pakistan. These conditions are that Venus is highly dignified by exaltation (+4) triplicity (+3) and term (+2) for a SUPER +9 talisman. In addition, Venus culminates at the planetary hour of Venus.

I am pleased to offer these beautiful bronze talismans of Venus. They are 1.5 inches in diameter and weigh 21 grams. Golden bronze is 98% copper and 2% alloy. There may be nicks on the edges or other surface flaws for these talismans. This comes from the small scale artisanal processes used for production and does not affect the magical power of the talisman.
The talismans were created and consecrated with the specified conditions listed from the electional chart and come with a chain to wear as a pendant. All Renaissance Astrology talisman are consecrated when cast to call the celestial angels/spirits into them. We recommend an additional personal consecration to introduce yourself to the angels/spirits and bring the power of the talisman to you. The talisman comes with a color image for consecration plus an information booklet with full personal consecration instructions.


Venus 3 Graces Talisman
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Venus 3 Graces Talisman
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The bronze Picatrix Venus Three Graces talismans for love, grace & beauty, good fortune & profit is $299.95 plus $24.95 US shipping and $90 non-US shipping. For non-US shipping please Contact me to see if there is a less expensive shipping option for your country.

Please note that while many clients are happy with their talismans, check out the talisman testimonials, some are not and I cannot guarantee exactly what the effects will be for any individual client. There may be nicks on the edges or other surface flaws for these talismans. Because of this and because I cannot resell talismans, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns on talismans.

Please Contact me for more information!

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